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Cant upgrade - no support??

Yesterday i tried to get the special offer upgrade to Pro version, created a login but the system would not let me log in.

I opened a ticket, no reply for 24 hours now and the special offer has ended.

Is this level of support normal??


Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. No, this is not normally the delay in our response. However, we are off on all major US holidays and that has slowed our response times this week. It looks like you created an account for your email address on Feb 27th 2018. If you have forgotten your account's password, you can learn how to reset your account here:

I'll have Spencer provide you a discount link so that you can purchase an mSecure 5 license for the Labor Day Sale price afterwards.

Thanks, reading that it sounds a bit severe.

Am i supposed to be logging in with the same password that i use to open mSecure5??

I thought that PW was solely used to unlock the app??

Maybe that is my problem??


Ok, i just tried it and yes i can log in ok with my main PW, how do i upgrade with the discount please?


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