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Android App - Settings link broken

The latest update on Android does not let me access the settings. The app closes when I click on "Settings".

3 people have this problem
Just updated, same problem. Android 6.

Hi guys,
This seems to be an Android 7 and below issue. We have created a fix for this and are testing this now. However, we'd like to test 5.5.6 a bit before publishing that version and were wondering if you'd be interested in using a 5.5.6 beta build from the Google Play Store. This version would work just the same as the previous version and would be directly from the Play Store. It would also be updated to 5.5.7 in the future as well. Would you be interested in using our beta build? If so, please let me know your Google account email address.

I have this problem too. Using msecure 5.5.5 with Android 7.0 on LG Rebel 3 Tracfone. Happy to wait for 5.5.6 if you think you have a solution. If you need more info, let me know.

We have a solution. We're testing the update with Android 4, 5, 6, and 7 though to check and make sure we are not missing anything else here.

I am having this same issue as well and am unable to sync or back up my passwords (because we can't access the settings menu).  I can try your beta if you want, as long as that will allow me to backup my passwords.

My Play Store email address is the same one that this account is registered to.


There is an update now available that fixes this issue.

Thanks Eden. Settings works again for me (and the app icon is back). Ben
Got the update and all works fine again. Thank you!

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