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mSecure 4 crashes immediately following entering of password

 Problem started only yesterday and occurs on both iPhone 6s and iPad (Gen 6) - both running IOS 11.4.  Immediately after entering the password (or accepting Touch ID), the app crashes and exits back to home screen. 

Is there a way to recover from this?

2 people have this problem

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Is this happening on both devices? Also, do you use iCloud syncing in mSecure 4 on your devices?

Help, while opening up app and using fingerprint and or password the app crashes....
Use Msecure on iPad

Hi Nanham,

I'll ask you what I asked Vipul. Do you use iCloud syncing in mSecure 4? Also, do you have mSecure 3 or 4 on any other device with your information intact and available?

Same problem on all devices. mSecure 5 (Pro) will not syncs from previous version. ICloud syncing is on all devices. All devices have old info. The only recent info is on a back up file. When I try to sync, mSecure crashes after entering password.

Hi John,

I just responded to you in the other thread you started. Let's continue the discussion in that thread so there is only one conversation running.

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