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Ordering Groups

In Windows and iOS the groups are ordered in alphabetical order. Not so in Mac-Version. Why? I use about 50 Groups and have to search hours ...

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Hi Warner, 

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 on Mac orders your Groups by created date. However, you can change the order of the Groups to any order you'd like:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5 on Mac

2. Click mSecure 5 from the top menu bar

3. Click Preferences (command+comma)

4. Click Groups

5. Click and hold a group and move it up or down as you'd like

You might need to close and reopen mSecure 5 in order to see the changes in the Groups section on the left.

Might we get two small buttons there for fast A-Z and Z-A alphabetical sorting?  Savings having to scroll when you types exceed the small list view when dragging one at a time.

@Matt: Good idea!

I second this!  I have hundreds of clients that are each their own separate group.  Are you really telling me that I need to sort all of these manually?!?!  That is ridiculous, there should be a sorting feature or it should just default to alphabetical order like Version 3.  Until this is addressed, I have no choice but to stick with the older version unfortunately. 

Absolutely! In my opinion this is a significant deficiency, and the proposed "work-around" is quite honestly impractical. Particularly given the "default" import order for a 3.5x mSecure import is reverse alphabetical order - hardly likely to be the order you want.

So for me, where I have over 80 groups which is the view I use all the time to organise my mSecure entries, I have the initial rather tedious task of *manually* reordering the groups in the group maintenance dialog. Not a very fun process.

The absence of sorting, particularly when other platform versions support it, is very disappointing.



I note with interest this is an old topic.

I took advantage of the Christmas break to finally upgrade to mS5.

I too have many group entries that were in alphanumeric order before.

This does seem to be a backward step. Two questions.

1. Will an order button be added to future releases?

2. If I manually re-order the Groups, will this sync across all devices?

There will be some big changes in how groups work in the next major release for mSecure. While we won't be updating mSecure 5 with sorting for groups, the new functionality in mSecure 6 will take care of the problem and add more robust functionality for data organization.

Hopefully, after loyalty was crushed with the upgrade to product known as mSecure 5 that the mSecure 6 (with features we needed or lost in the prior version) will be a gratis upgrade for us.  If we have to go through another platform upgrade pricing plan...

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