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Ordering Groups

In Windows and iOS the groups are ordered in alphabetical order. Not so in Mac-Version. Why? I use about 50 Groups and have to search hours ...

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Hi Warner, 

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 on Mac orders your Groups by created date. However, you can change the order of the Groups to any order you'd like:

1. Open and unlock mSecure 5 on Mac

2. Click mSecure 5 from the top menu bar

3. Click Preferences (command+comma)

4. Click Groups

5. Click and hold a group and move it up or down as you'd like

You might need to close and reopen mSecure 5 in order to see the changes in the Groups section on the left.

Might we get two small buttons there for fast A-Z and Z-A alphabetical sorting?  Savings having to scroll when you types exceed the small list view when dragging one at a time.

@Matt: Good idea!

I second this!  I have hundreds of clients that are each their own separate group.  Are you really telling me that I need to sort all of these manually?!?!  That is ridiculous, there should be a sorting feature or it should just default to alphabetical order like Version 3.  Until this is addressed, I have no choice but to stick with the older version unfortunately. 

Absolutely! In my opinion this is a significant deficiency, and the proposed "work-around" is quite honestly impractical. Particularly given the "default" import order for a 3.5x mSecure import is reverse alphabetical order - hardly likely to be the order you want.

So for me, where I have over 80 groups which is the view I use all the time to organise my mSecure entries, I have the initial rather tedious task of *manually* reordering the groups in the group maintenance dialog. Not a very fun process.

The absence of sorting, particularly when other platform versions support it, is very disappointing.



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