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How about a little love for your previous users?

So, having downloaded the trial version, figured out a few problems (new account registration, software features from the ground up, got iOS syncing to iCloud working and generally got version 5.5 to the point where it's usable for a proper trial. Now, how's about a little love???

Give your users like me some incentive to upgrade – discount it to users of let's say version 3 & 4 going up to 5, please. My family has two purchased registration codes from version 3 that we'd like to upgrade. Let's make a deal. The price is too steep @$30/each. 

Hi Henry,

You can purchase an mSecure 5 license from our website here: or through in-app purchase in mSecure 5 itself. Please contact us here or via email at for discount offers we might have available. Paid users simply have to sign in to the mSecure account they created and used to purchase an mSecure 5 license. 

Note: we've been sending out emails to previous customers since before we launched mSecure 5 (pre-order offers) offering a variety of discount offers. 

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