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A few complaints / issues / ideas....

I thought mSecure 5 would surely be better than previous versions but now I'm left wondering why I upgraded.  I normally never post on support forums but elt like I needed to vent because I'm so aggravated with this new version.

A few complaints / issues / ideas....

1 - USER UNFRIENDLY - Why are you guys making us 'start at the top' of our password list EVERY time I close out of one of my entries? If I open my entry for YouTube and back out of it, I expect to land back in the Y's, not in the A's at the top. A big pain in my.....

2 - USER UNFRIENDLY - Version 4 allowed us to import custom icons and use them as the default icon for different 'types.' Version 5 does not give us the option to globally  use an imported icon. Instead, we are either forced to use one of your pre-installed icons or change each one individually.  For example, I use a certain imported icon for all my shopping logins so I can easily notice a shopping login from my other entries. To use my custom icon in version 5, I have to go into each entry, one at a time, and change the icon.  Another pain in my.....

3 -  USER UNFRIENDLY - version 4 is always easy to access because an icon is ALWAYS in my notification bar.  Version 5 icon does not automatically 'appear' in my notification list.  

4 - ANNOYING - This may be an issue no one else is having but me....My device screen is set to stay on 'portrait' mode but for whatever reason version 5 flips from portable to portaitwith no rotation but for some reason version 5 wants to be it's own boss and flip to landscape mode. Drives me insane.....

5 - VISUALLY UNFRIENDLY - Not all of us like our app backgrounds to be 'white as snow.' Give us an option to change the background from light to dark.  Even the simplest of Android apps offer this.  A big strain on my eyes....

6 - SPELLING ERRORS - A good app  developer DOESNT let  misspelled  words like 'accountseses' appear in their app. Today, I found three words that are misspelled.  

7 - CHANGE 'TYPE' of entry after import. This is a no-brainer.   

These are just a few  complaints I have that  aggravate  me so much with version 5...So much , I'm  seriously considering  switching back to msecure 4 or switching to a  totally different password keeper. 

Let me clarify....

6 - SPELLING ERRORS - these are not words I entered in one of my entries, these are words from within the app itself. If I sort my list by type I get list of names like 'Locationses,' 'bank accountses."

Maybe its your operating system but I don't see problems 1,3,4 or 6  with iPhone, iPad or  Windows.

Number 2 may be annoying but surely you set up the icon one time when you create the entry? The just forget about it?

Number 5 - I'd never noticed the white background but it wouldn't do any harm to allow this to be changed in the settings.

Number 7 - why do you want to change type? I'd like a more flexible way to display and access items through some sort of tagging - if that happens I don't really care about types. They just become format templates that you select when you initially set up an item.

In response.... These are my opinions. If you like v5 like it is then thats wonderful for that user. Adding extra options SHOULDN'T take away or degrade the way that user expects the software to behave. Adding extra options WOULD make the software more appealing to those who feel it's lacking in functionality. Everyone uses or expects something different from v5. I can't go one day w/out v4. Besides my operating system, Msecure is the 2nd most important app I use. I need it daily. I would hate to start over w another app. 1 - New Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Android 8.1, doubt its the operating system. I will gladly replace v4 on my phone, once I decide if I'll continue using it. 2 - this is a personal preference, mainly because i like to visually see what logins are for my financial accounts, shopping accounts and others w/out having to set up different login types. Since the option is in v4 why not include it in v5? 5 - agree, no harm done to add that option 7 - i do care about types. I've used v4 for years therefore I've built up quite a list of entries. Some, I noticed, I would like to change the "type" of entry it is, either because I originally entered it under the wrong type or because I've created a new type and would like to switch it. But after the upgrade and import from v4 the type cannot be changed. To do so, I'll have to go back to v4, tweak it and correct things before exporting it to v5.

Fair enough I wasn't trying to cause offense. My point about the operating system was that mSecure 5 seems to be quite different depending on the platform. I've not used mSecure on Android or Mac but most of the things you mention don't apply to iOS or Windows - even type changing is doable in Windows through an export and import.

Changing type does seem like a no-brainer.


Hi Miley,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  

  1. mSecure 5 on iOS/Android will go back to the top of your list whenever you edit or use a record. This is because it will sync changes when this happens. You'll always see the latest changes/usage in our Recents section. You can filter by group, favorites, or search in order to access your records more quickly.
  2. We made a few changes with mSecure 5 to streamline the app and remove unused features. If you use a login record with a URL and enter a URL (or any record type with a URL, username, and password), mSecure 5 will try to automatically download the site icon for that website. That can help you easily distinguish between your records.
  3. You can easily switch between apps using Android's recents menu. However, you can enable the notifications menu option in our settings.
  4. I'm not sure I understand this. mSecure 5 for Android only uses portrait mode. We currently have no landscape mode for Android.
  5. The Android background is a gray background, but I understand wanting a dark mode. We are looking into having dark theme available for those who'd like something different specially now that macOS Mojave comes with dark mode built-in. However, this is not currently a priority.
  6. Are you seeing any spelling errors beyond the record types? Record types in mSecure 5 are in a singular format (Login, Credit Card, Secure Note, etc.) and are displayed in a plural format (Logins, Credit Cards, Secure Notes) in the + menu and in the Edit Types menu. If customers change the record types name in mSecure 3 or 4 or created record types with plural names, mSecure 5 will unfortunately still try to make the record type name plural. You can go into the Edit Types Settings and change the name to fix this. You can keep the name plural or change it to singular and mSecure 5 should keep your change either way once edited.
  7. Perhaps this is a no brainer. However, changing a record's type can create lots of issues with cross platform compatibility and syncing. Unfortunately, for those who'd like to change record type regularly, this is something we changed to make syncing and cross platform compatibility much easier. We also do not believe changing a record's type is needed. For example, you mention using different types of login types, but we do not see a need to do this. You can easily use the Logins record type for all your different record types and organize your records by Groups to differentiate between the different types of Login records. We are working on a tagging system or building a better Group system to keep items better organized in the future though.

I'm happy to discuss any other issues or complaints you might be having and I'm sorry that you're having these issues or complaints to begin with.

>>  I thought mSecure 5 would surely be better than previous versions but now I'm left wondering why I upgraded.  <<

I had a similar experience. I went back to 3.5.7, I LOVE IT.  There's no law that says you have to use the latest version.   5.5.5 has way too much white-space and is trying to do much. I would pay $300 and have something more efficient and simple, like 3.5.7.

Normally, I love to upgrade, but the upgrade has to actually be "better".  I love the company, and there software,  BUT NOT 5.5.  I don't want software to be pretty,  I want it to be a efficient.

Eden - Thank you for your response. I've attached 4 images. The first 2 images go w/ # 4. The third and fourth images goes w/ #6. 

1 - A delay of a few seconds would be nice or an EDIT Mutilpe records mode that pauses the sync until you close out of EDIT mode. 

2- The ability for the user to customize or "Pimp" out certain aspects of ANY app is a MAJOR perk for would-be users. How do you know it was an "unused" feature? 

4 - I beg to differ. Please check images 1 and 2 of my Galaxy S3 tablet. The first images shows MSecure flipped to landscape mode. (the Samsung logo shows the tablet is flipped) The second image shows my notification bar with the LANDSCAPE/AUTO mode turned off. This is the only app on my tablet that auto flips, regardless of my settings. 

5 - Thanks, I guess, for considering a night mode. Is there any updates to the user as to WHAT features you are developing? As a user, me knowing what a developer hopes to add to an app or what is currently being developed keeps me interested in using the app. 

6 - The spelling errors are clearly DEVELOPER spelling errors. Please check images 3 and 4. An extra thought..... the ability to sort records or change the group your looking at from the home screen of the app would be nice. Currently you have to open the menu then choose sort. Look forwarding to hearing from you, Carrie

Hi Carrie,

Thanks for the response and screenshots here.

  1. Having bulk edit options on our mobile versions would be nice. Perhaps you can add that as a feature request here:
  2. We mostly considered what customers expressed interest in via email and(or) our forums. That said, we also simply did not want to continue with everything the app previously had just because it previously had it. If there is a feature missing and there is strong feedback about it, we are happy to listen and re-implement any feature.
  3. Unfortunately, our Android version is not optimized for tablets at this time. The app will simply stretch to the width of a device at this time. If the app was optimized for tablets, it would look more like our iPad optimized iOS version:
  4. I'm always happy to discuss the features or things we are working on. Currently, our main focus is on:
    1. iOS 12 Auto-Fill implementation - This should be out soon with the iOS 12
    2. Dark mode implementation for macOS 10.14 (Mojave) - Will be available soon with the Mojave release
    3. Bug fixes for all platforms - We have updates planned for all platforms this month to address various bug fixes and implement a few features
    4. Sign in email notifications - Available soon
    5. Browser plugins/extensions - in development
    6. Android Tablet optimization - Planned for a big update in the future
    7. Account info sharing options - Down the road
    8. Team/group options - Down the road
    9. Emergency contact options - Down the road
    10. Improved Groups ability and(or) tagging system - Down the road
    11. Android 8 Auto-Fill implementation - Down the road (Android 8 and 8.1 are currently only on 14.6 percent of Android devices)
    12. We always welcome feedback on feature requests and monitor our Feature Request forum section to see what our customers are most interested in:
  5. Again, that is not a spelling error. It is a bug or issue though. If you named the record type in a singular form, it would add the plural form of the name in a decent way most times when needed. However, you can fix it by specifying the exact singular or plural form for a record type name if you'd like. To do that, simply use the // characters between the singular and plural form when renaming or naming a record type. As an example, you can rename your Gift Cards record type as: Gift Card//Gift Cards. For a better to understand example, if you for some crazy reason had a Mouse record type, you could specify Mouse//Mice to make sure mSecure displayed the correct singular and plural form for your record type.

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