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Apple Watch - Selecting Items for Apple Watch Display

I am running version 5.5.3 (723) on my iPhone 8 plus with a Series 3 Apple Watch. 

I have enabled Apple Watch in mSecure Settings. 

How can I select which items I want to be available on my Apple Watch?  There seems to be no way to select which item(s) are displayed on the watch. 

mSecure shows only one item (a password that I don't really need available on my Apple watch) when I click on the app in the Apple Watch.   

Hi Veronica,

Thank you for contacting us. You can select a record to be available on your Apple Watch by selecting a record in mSecure 5 on your iPhone 8 Plus and enabling the option to show the record on your Apple Watch.

I'm running into the same issue.  How exactly do ai "select a record" on my Phone?  I have the Apple Watch setting turned on, but right now there is only one record I can see on the watch.  

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