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Windows 10 mSecure blank & cannot Sync from Android

I have been using mSecure for a few years now, syncing from Android phone to Windows 10.  However, having not used the desktop version for some time, I have today logged in and the screen is blank with no data.

I tried to use the Wifi sync from my Android phone but it shows the following:

Sync Status:

Client - ONE A2003 (my android)

Network - (name of my PlusNet network displayed)


Server not available

In order gto sync you must set up a main computer in mSecure's sync settings on a desktop computer

This is what I cannot do, setup sync settings on Windows 10 version.

I have checked the support forum for this issue and most relate to Apple products and others refer to a Sync button bottom left on Windows, which is not showing on mine.

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 for Windows will not show a sync option if you are using Wi-Fi syncing. Please take a look at this to learn how to set up WiFi syncing in mSecure 5 on your devices:

In order to sync in mSecure 5, please make sure that you are using mSecure 5 on all of your devices and are signed in to the same account. Please follow theses instructions in mSecure 5 for Windows: 

  1. Open and unlock the app
  2. Click the settings icon (gear icon on the bottom left area)
  3. Click Sync Settings
  4. Change sync method to Wifi if it isn't already
  5. Make sure the "Main computer" toggle is enabled

If the sync status shows "sever not available," please disable the "Main computer" toggle and re-enable the toggle. After you re-enable the toggle, you should see your computer's information there and you should be ready to use WiFi syncing in mSecure 5. Please make sure you switch your computer's network to private to fix any other issues you might run into here:

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