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IOS and desktop mac sync issues

I've just migrated from msecure 3 to 5.5. I was holding off until some of the early sync issues were stable.

I have MS on a desktop mac, iPad and iPhone. The desktop and the iPhone are in sync however, the iPad isn't.  When I manually sync, the sync takes a long time.  The number of items in my database differs too with both desktop and iPhone having the same number of items whilst the iPad items are increasing despite not adding anything new. Is it possible that instead of syncing the existing records, it's creating new ones that are hidden?

At present, I can't trust the data as I'm not confident it is saving my changes.

Anyone with a similar issue or suggestions?

Hi Darren,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. I'm not exactly sure what is happening here with your syncing. However, my first suggestion would be to reinstall mSecure 5 on your iPad and signing back into your mSecure account to see if that fixes your issues here.

I can't trust version 5.5. either as after testing I find that Automatic Sync, well, just isn't.   I have to manually Sync and then it doesn't even always work.  I'm using iCloud.  Maybe that's part of the problem because mSecure wants you to sync with them directly, but I won't do that.  I really don't like the new architecture and preferred the old account-less system where I just had a super-password to encrypt.

You still have a super-password to encrypt in the form of your account key. You can lean about that here:

mSecure potentially knows both my account password and account key. I don't consider that as secure as the previous version where only I know my super-password.

It does not. Your mSecure account password is not saved in our system at all. However, a hash of the account password is stored (B-Crypt). Hashes, specially bcrypt hashes, are not the password. mSecure 5 on a device creates your account key and we use a completely separate system to email you the encrypted account key. We have absolutely no access to anyone's account key and designed the system to be exactly that way. 

Hi Eden, thanks for the replies.  I've deleted and re-installed on both devices but with no change. What was interesting is that the number of items on the desktop version and iPhone version were different. I have preserved and 'let things settle'. After a few days, the discrepancies seem to have sorted themselves out and all versions, desktop, phone and iPad are now in sync.  Maybe msecure just need some time to ponder the problem ;).  



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