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Missing the collaps all feature

Maybe I´m doing something wrong or this feature is missing? When I open msecure5 on my mobile, I have the records Sorted by: Name, I would like to be able to just see the alfabet and then open the records by clicking on the letter. Before I think we had the option to collaps all, I that did exactly that. 

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Hi Sara,

Thank you for contacting us. With mSecure 5.5.3 we did remove the collapsible headers. The reason for that was to follow Material Design guidelines and UI tools. This also makes our app much faster to load up specially when using hundreds of records. While there are no collapsible headers, we did add the Fast Scrolling feature, which functions like other default Android apps. If you scroll the records list, a tab will appear on the right side of the screen, and you'll see letters of the alphabet which correspond to where you are at in your records list.


Why not do like the windows version and allow the user to tap the letter header and have that bring up the alphabet where the user can then tap the desired letter and go right to that section? Or bring back the collapse all after opening the app.

I 2nd this as well.

Because that's a built-in UWP UI feature for Windows 10 apps and Google material design UI tools and guidelines do not provide this function or do not recommend it. We understand that some customers would like to have the collapsible headers in the Android version back. The main reason for their exclusion is for the performance increase that our app has without our custom collapsible headers. We will continue to work on fixes and improvements and if we feel that we can re-introduce the collapsible headers without detrimental performance issues, we will include them in the future.

Lousy update.  You could do better.  Put the collapsed letters back.

If collapsing the letters is a problem, what about listing the alphabet on the right like in the contacts. Then you could tap the letter and go to that section.
The collaspe feature needs to be added back. At a minimum, you should highlight the group name to make them more visible while you are scrolling.

To me your explanation for removing the collapse feature is flawed. If you have hundreds of records the collapse feature makes it easier to scroll through to find the record you want. I understand there is a search feature and the "fast scroll" as well. The collapse feature was one of the features that I liked about mSecure. I've used other apps similar to this and they have the collapse feature and for the longest time I wished that mSecure had it. Then you put it in, teased us with it for a while, got very used to and happy with using it, then you took it away.

Not going to move away from mSecure, I do like it a lot. But removing that feature was a bad move, in my opinion.

@Richard Dos Santos

If you sort by Group, the quick scroll option will highlight the Groups. Sorting by Alphabet will highlight the letter of the alphabet the records start with. Sorting by Type will highlight the Record Type, and sorting by Date will highlight the date the records were created on.

Here's a demo of that:

The collapse feature was great. GO BACK TO THE OLDER VERSION!
Maybe I'm in the minority but I do not miss 'collapse all' at all. I never used it. I also can't really understand what is wrong with the new 'drag the scrollbar' option to achieve the same object of getting to a particular section. /// 999/1000 I open mSecure to get to a particular record or to add a new record. For the first situation, search is the best tool. /// I don't understand what people were using collapsible headers for - if navigating to a particular group, these are available as a filter in the menu, if a particular starting letter then 'grab the scrollbar' works just as well. /// On top of this, if it was necessary to take away collapsible headers to improve database load time (on Android) then I would take the quicker loading over collapsible headers every time. /// Just my thoughts. Apologies for lack of paragraphs - the forum doesn't play nicely with my phone for some reason.

I understand why some customers would want or like the collapsible headers back. Customers seem to have been sorting by Types and collapsing the headers for their record types. That way, they only saw a list of the few types of records they used and expanded the record type they wanted to use. Once the record type was expanded they could scroll to that record within the record type that was expanded. It's not really any faster than using the quick scroll when you have your sort to sort by Types though (though perhaps a bit more precise), but customers don't ever enjoy having features taken away ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

However, our app performance has increased so much without them and without the tabs. A 2,000 record database now only takes a 2-5 seconds to load instead of the 20-40 seconds it took before. Additionally, the quick scroll let's users scroll through all the records in a second or two, and as you mentioned, users can navigate to particular groups when they want to be more specific anyway. That said, I'm hoping we can add the search as you type feature back to our search function soon to make it even easier to quickly find records in mSecure 5 for Android.

I would love to see the collapsible menu come back, scrolling at lightening speed through 100s of records is not working for me.

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