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Can’t move mSecure to my new iMac

Even though I have deleted the app on the new machine, the files somehow remain. I’m able access one time via .mscrb file, the access short lived.

Hi Lionel,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what you mean about accessing things via the database (mSecure.mscb) for a short term. However, in order to fully delete everything on your Mac, and(or) switch accounts on Mac, you must also delete the mSecure.mscb database file.

  1. Quit mSecure on your Mac
  2. Open a Finder window and using the menus at the top, select the ‘Go’ -> ‘Go to Folder…’
  3. Enter
  4. ~/Library/Containers/com.mseven.msecuremac/Data/Library/Application Support/mSecure
  5. Click ‘Go’
  6. Move the mSecure.mscb file to the trash

That will allow you to open mSecure 5 again and start from the very beginning. 

I up-graded to mSecure 6 but I need to download mSecure 6 to my MAC.  I have already moved my previous version to Trash.

Hi Elwood,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  There is no mSecure 6, at least not yet. The latest version of mSecure is mSecure 5. You can download mSecure 5 here:


Thanks for clarifying my misunderstanding.  I recently up-graded to what is your current latest version.  I went to my MAC computer DropBox and I do have the same version on it as I have on my iPhone and I can open it with the same password as I use on my iPhone.  I do have a message on my iPhone when I open the App on the bottom of my screen that indicates that there is an Sync Error: Drop box account not linked even though I had it open on my MAC at the time.  How can I sync up these two locations?  

If using Dropbox syncing, you have to link your Dropbox account on each device. Simply go to the settings or preferences in mSecure 5, select Sync Settings, and click/tap on the link Dropbox account option.

Hi...I use my msecure on my iphone and mi iPad...Now I wnt to use it on my Mac

Hi Nelson,

I'm sorry for the long wait for a response. We've gone through some changes here, and your inquiry fell through the cracks. In order to use mSecure on your Mac, you can simply download it from the App Store app using the link below:


After installing the app, you can sign in to your mSecure account, and your data should sync in within about a minute.

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