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Credit Card entry mismatched after latest update

All my credit card entries are showing in the wrong order. Problem faced on iOS and Mac.

I am sure everything was in order before the update.

Any one else facing this issue?

I have attached screenshots to show how it was in version 4 and version 5 before the latest update.

1) The field which shows Phone Number as 13 was Valid From

2) Expiration Date is fine

3) Name is fine

4) Name on Card was Bank

5) PIN was Security Code

In short all my credit card entries are messed up and not as it used to be how it was before this new update.

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Hi Dharmil,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. Are you referring to the recent 5.5.3 update from mSecure 5.5.2 or going from mSecure 4.5.4 to mSecure 5? If the issue is specifically with the mSecure 5.5.3 update, my first recommendation would be to reinstall mSecure 5 on your device and sign back into your account to see if the issue continues.

Hi Dharmil,

I had another customer that was experiencing what seems to be the same issues as you. They were using mSecure 5 on iOS and Mac, so I had the create a new backup of their current mSecure information: and restore from an auto-backup to see if one of their auto-backups would restore their information in the proper order: That seems to have fixed their issues here. 

Can you do the same and see if that fixes your issues here?

I am also on iOS and Mac.

I created a new backup on Mac (for safety) and restored from  my Auto backup of 5th April.

But still the entries are not in proper order.

Hi Dharmil,

Please restore from an older auto-backup and see if that fixes your issues. It looks like there would be 2 records missing from an older backup so it might be good to sort by date first and make note of the top 2 records and their information before doing so.

I am not sure that would solve the problem because I am facing this since before many previous auto backups.

I think I will modify all of my Cards entry again to reflect the correct order.

I think in one of your mSecure 5 updates you added new fields in Credit Card templates and this caused my Custom Fields to be replaced by your default ones.

The issue has been solved.

I have edited the Credit Card Types List with my fields.

I still have mSecure 4 so I could compare the fields.

I hope any future update will not break this functionality again.

In the next update can you give an option to choose any field as Text Field

Hi Dharmil,

I believe choosing an older auto-backup would have fixed your issues here. Auto-backups are only created whenever you create 5 edits or changes to your information so you shouldn't have many of the same backups. That said, I'm glad you were able to fix your issues here. 

The Credit Card record type has three field types that cannot be changed or removed:

  1. Credit Card number
  2. Month/Year
  3. Sensitive number

That will not be changing in the future, but we will try our best to figure out what caused this issue so that it doesn't happen in the future.

Note: you can read about all our default record types and the field types that cannot be edited in the Login, Credit Card, and Secure Notes record types here:

Hey Eden,

After using mSecure since 2009 and through my various interactions with Support via email and forum I can conclude that mSecure Team is very stubborn.

One more feature which was there in mSecure 4 removed from 5,

I am not asking you to remove any fields, but if I could change fields to Text then it would appear in search results saving time.

While building mSecure 5 you have left out so many niche features of version 4 that it has become inconvenient for those accustomed.

Hi Dharmil,

Perhaps we are stubborn, but you can search for all your info regardless of the type of field you are using so I don't understand your issue here.

I experienced a similar problem to Credit cards after the end March Ver 5.5.3 update where some of the field names no longer matched the data in them.
I followed the recommended fix which was to restore from an autobackup that preceded the installation of 5.5.3. Those resolved the issue. However, I had to try to remember which data had changed for the entire database since the backup and then manually update those items that had changed.


@ Eden

If I could change the Credit Card number field to Alpha-Numeric like in mSecure 4, then in the video you posted when I search 4782 or Columbia then immediately I would be able to see all 16 digits in search result instead of clicking on it and selecting Reveal. More convenient and saves time.

@ Robert

I was reluctant to do that because I have hundreds of entries and many new were added after March update but also most of the entries were modified. It would have been a nightmare to update the database for entries which had changed. 

Instead I edited the Credit Card Types List with my custom fields. Lets hope this is not broken again in a future update.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


You can always make it so that mSecure shows your sensitive fields if you would like. On iOS, that ability would be found in the Settings under Security.

Yes Eden I am aware of that but mSecure team won't give us the ability to modify Card Number and Security field right even though this was allowed in previous version.

I rest my case.

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