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Cannot select individual line in Notes area

In mSecure 4, I could select individual line to copy.

But in mSecure 5, it selects the whole paragraph and not possible to select and copy individual line.

You can say to create new fields with the lines of information you’re trying to copy instead. But it is not convenient to edit many existing entries plus adding new fields will make it more long.

The Notes Area has some general words which would not require new fields to be created. Instead, it would be very inconvenient if you could give the ability to copy individual words like in version 4 instead of whole paragraph right now.

v5.png v5.png
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v4.png v4.png
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Hi Dharmil,

Thank you for contacting us. At the moment, all I can say is that you can create new fields for the lines you would like to copy and you could do this in mSecure 5 on Mac or Windows to make it easier to do. Beyond that, you can create a feature request to make the Notes area work like mSecure 4. I'm sorry I don't have better news here.

I have created a new feature request. Hope the Team considers this feature important and adds it back in a future update.

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