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wifi sync issue, back up for migrating from IOS 4s to galaxy S7

 where to begin? trying to get msecure data from old IOS iPhone 4s to Galaxy S7...

Event: old iPhone 4s bit the drink when i dropped it in some water, not deliberately of course. the phone still 'works' in a limited capacity (physical home button doesnt work, power off doesnt work and it stopped charging), I got it fixed up enough so i can charge it and use it but since it was toilet water it got dunked in it was time to get a new phone. bonus was the toilet water wasnt 'soiled' thankfully. bought a galaxy S7

History: happily had msecure app on iphone for years (version 4.2.1), didnt upgrade due to old IOS. also didnt realise my email backups werent being sent due to email account just not sending stuff, i think again due to old IOS. Never used drop box or icloud and cant upgrade those on IOS because its now too old but have tried those transfer paths without success.

current situ: did the smart switch and transfered contacts and other stuff no worries via USB cable from 4s to S7.

closest ive got is using wifi sync on 4s to msecure 5 on computer (macbook pro version 10.11.6). I got the 4s to find the wifi network and it did, then downloaded an old version of msecure on computer, found it wouldnt work deleted it, then downloaded msecure5, now the 4s wont find the msecure5 on the wifi. I log in to msecure5, got to preferences, see the that is showing a network and IP address, make the passwords the same, put the IP address in the 4s preferences but it wont find the msecure5 on the computer...

how to get them to talk to each other? why cant they just get along?!

hoping someone can help me not have to reenter msecure data form scratch

thanks in advance

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. First, thanks for the thorough explanation. We get so many customers with your kind of issue that will simply tell us "I need help" and respond with a single sentence when we ask multiple questions to try to figure out their issues.

Anyway, mSecure 5 will not sync with the previous versions of mSecure. You'll need to download and use mSecure 3 for Mac: I'm not sure what the issue was that wasn't alllowing it to work via Wi-Fi syncing but it should work or I can troubleshoot your issues to make it work here. My first suggestion is always to restart your router and your devices when having Wi-Fi syncing issues in mSecure. That generally clears out any local networking issues you might be experiencing.

Perhaps our Wifi syncing guide for mSecure 3 can help here: After you're able to sync via Wifi syncing between mSecure 3 and 4, you'll then be able to create a .msim backup file that mSecure 5 can use to restore your information from.

Create a backup of mSecure 3:

Restore from a backup in mSecure 5:

Please let me know if you run into any issues here.



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