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old msecure forgot password

how do i change the password through the old mscure app?

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Hi Lauren,

Do you have access to mSecure 4 via Touch ID? If so, please use this discussion/topic to see how to fix your issues here:

If not, I'm sorry that you have forgotten your mSecue 4 login password. If you would like to start over, you can reinstall the app to start over and create a new login password. When you remove mSecure 4, you will need to redownload it from your purchased list. How to download the previous versions:

I did have Touch ID, but as I said, I don’t have the old phone that had Touch ID on it. I redownloaded mSecure 4 on the new phone;however, like I said, I don’t want to set up a new account because all my passwords are not on there. I think there is a miscommunication. How do I retrieve my passwords (I had over 50!) from mSecure4 WITHOUT Touch ID or setting up a new account. Are they not saved to a cloud somewhere? This is VERY concerning and please call my cell ASAP!!

Hi Lauren, 

I'm responding to your forum topic. I did not check for an email ticket so all I see here is: "how do i change the password through the old mscure app?"

Since the older version(s) of mSecure isn't a cloud-based app, there is no way to "sign in" to an account where your information is stored online. Because of this, each older version of the mSecure's login password is device specific and your information is not automatically restored when an older version of mSecure is installed or reinstalled on a mobile device.

We have an automated reminder in the older iOS app for making backups, so it is possible that you made an email backup some time in the past. Please search in your email accounts to see if you can find an email with "mSecure", "mism" or "mscx" in them. If you find an email backup you can use this guide to restore from an email backup file in mSecure 4: or in mSeecure 5:

I see now that you've sent us two separate support emails. Please note that although I can access the support emails, I assume that if you're asking a question on our forum, you have not contacted us via email or created a support ticket for the exact same issue. I have merged your support emails and closed down the support tickets. If you would prefer to communicate via email, I can re-open those tickets and reply via email instead and close down this topic/discussion you created.

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I can’t find my password. I need to reset it How do I do this?

To reset an account and create a new account password, please go here:

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