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Browser plugins or extensions

I believe competitive Password Managers have a Chrome extension so that usernames and passwords are entered automatically (or at least prompted) when going to a site that mSecure contains the credentials for.

It would be great if mSecure had that as well. 

It would be even greater if that worked with mobile Chrome on iOS.

I see the current iOS extension but it only works with Safari, and it requires that I remember that my password is stored there (no auto-prompt), then click Share, then click the mSecure option. That's a lot to remember and not exactly intuitive (I'm not sharing). So the current functionality could be improved upon to be useful.

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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on mSecure 6. It is still are main focus, and all our energies are being placed on its development. Browser extensions are already built for both Chrome, Firefox and Edge (sinc it's now built on the Chromium engine) and are ready for beta testing. The reason it's not yet in beta is because the rest of the mSecure app needs to be ready for beta in order to release. Also, Safari will have support too, but there is still some work to be done there. If any would like to sign up for beta testing please send an email to where I'm tracking our customers who wish to test early releases of the new version.

@Mike - mSecure

So, Mike, it is correct to say that we will have the discontinuation of mSecure 5 and an upgrade (paid) for mSecure 6 soon. That's right?

mSecure 6 will follow a more traditional upgrade model where it will install over the top of the previous version, so mSecure 5 will no longer be available in the app store.

While the full details for the mSecure 6 pricing model are not yet ready to be released, licensed mSecure 5 users will not have to pay an upgrade fee to continue with all of the features they have in mSecure 5. Also, there will be upgrades that come for free to mSecure 5 users, but there will also be some premium features that will require a purchase to use.

In short, licensed mSecure 5 users will get an upgrade at no cost, but not all features will be available without an extra purchase. We plan to send out email communication to our customers as we get closer to the mSecure 6 release.

Hey Everyone,

Quick update here regarding the browser extensions in v6, something I should have posted before. For the initial release, there will only be support for extensions in the Mac version of the app. The reason for this is we are waiting on some big change in the way applications are developed for Windows in the near future.

mSecure is a UWP app, which are the apps distributed in the Windows Store. For some reason, Microsoft has placed heavy restrictions on UWP apps, which makes it extraordinarily difficult to implement our Browser Extensions. For the sake of security, we are creating a local connection between the mSecure app and the extensions, and since UWP apps are sandboxed a certain way, major work-arounds are necessary in order implement them in the way we have chosen.

The good news is, Microsoft is creating a way for developers to make use of UWP apps as more of a WPF style app, and this will remove the restrictions currently imposed. When that happens, our first priority will be porting over the Browser Extensions to the Windows mSecure app.


Do we have any idea of when mSecure 6 will become available?

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