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Browser plugins or extensions

I believe competitive Password Managers have a Chrome extension so that usernames and passwords are entered automatically (or at least prompted) when going to a site that mSecure contains the credentials for.

It would be great if mSecure had that as well. 

It would be even greater if that worked with mobile Chrome on iOS.

I see the current iOS extension but it only works with Safari, and it requires that I remember that my password is stored there (no auto-prompt), then click Share, then click the mSecure option. That's a lot to remember and not exactly intuitive (I'm not sharing). So the current functionality could be improved upon to be useful.

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Hi 2Cents and Ron,

Thank you for your feedback 2Cents. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this is the sentiment of a lot of customers lately. Fortunately, we are making lots of progress towards finishing our browser plugins. Ron, it's not a problem. Programming simply takes time specially when you are a small company like we are. I hope you understand that browser plugins are not just a simple extension script. In order to release a decent browser plugin, the plugin must work under lots of different scenarios and be able to process most of the different forms, ajax, javascript, etc. found on websites. In order for it to "just work" there needs to be a lot of programming going on in the background to capture and process the correct data. There's also always security concerns to keep in mind as well. 

We have a few people dedicated to the extension/plugin now and are making great progress with the feature. However, we are likely to take a bit in releasing this feature to polish what we have and to release it along side other big features we are also currently working on such as sharing features that allow you to share groups with other mSecure users, dark themes for all platforms, a new tagging system, password history, password and date reminders, integration for our Security Center, and many other additional features or enhancements (remove custom icons from Mac/iOS, additional attachments, Security Center for Windows). 

Thank you for the quick response. I'm a developer and fully understand the mentioned constraints. I also understand that by choosing to keep the one time purchase (by popular demand) it severely limits mSecures resources. mSecure is doing a FANTASTIC job with what you have to work with and keeping it a one time payment app. I always get a little curious when I see people in reviews complain about having to pay again for mSecure5 and saying they are switching to an app that charges double or triple PER YEAR what mSecure costs.  Thank you for your continued efforts. I'll be keeping a close eye on the progress and switch back as soon as released. :)

Thank you for the explanation Eden....... it's very much appreciated and I do not wish to appear rude or unappreciative of your efforts, mSecure is a fine PM.

Like many, I have been a keen supporter of 1Password since 2011............  I have tried many other PM's as a replacement but I like mSecure best of all, the only aspect that holds me back is the lack of Safari and Chrome plugins. 

There is another reason  I like mSecure so much, that is, it is the only PM I have tried that "accurately" and effortlessly imports my existing 1Password  .pif exported files. The data import into mSecure is faultless and  without loss of content or integrity. Manyt (not all) other PM's I have tried depend on CSV imports which is not as accurate or as comprehensive as .pif, in my opinion.....

Not being a programmer myself I don't understand the reasons, I'm just a little frustrated waiting for those extensions to mSecure.............bear with me.....


Able to offer a general timeframe when you target to release a Safari extension?

Hi John,

Unfortunately, for your request here, we do not give out release targets or dates. We learned our lesson with the release of mSecure 5 :-)

The lack of browser extensions is the ONLY thing standing between me ditching 1Password to switch to mSecure. But this one feature is crucial and a deal breaker for me. Can you at least give us some sense of when we can expect these? This year, next year? I don't want to invest in a new platform without some assurance that the one feature that I feel is absolutely necessary is coming soon.

Please can we have that Browser extention?  Its a source of constant frustration to me because I use R Pi and Linux and every time I want to use passwords on my R Pi or Linux system I have to get my phone out and type passwords in manually which make using nice secure proper passwords an apsolute utter pain. Also it makes the process of setting up passwords on the R Pi and making sure they are recorder in msecure a very dodgy process.

I am now looking at giving up on msecure for some other browser based system even if only for that group of passwords that I need on my R Pi.

Hi David,

The browser plugin update will be part of our upcoming major update that will also include sharing features among many other added features. However, please note that our browser plugin will require the mSecure app running on your computer to work. That means that our app will continue to not be compatible with Linux. I'm sorry I don't have better news for you here. When making passwords for devices you have to manually enter passwords for such as a device login password, I'd recommend making the password 12-18 characters long and have it not include special characters in order to make it easier to read off of another device and enter.

When will the Chrome extension be avail?  ASAP pls.


I am amazed, you are going to do a Browser plug in that you admit does not solve the problem - i.e. will not work on Linux.  

I work on my R Pi and Linux a lot and typing in passwords on different websites etc is a pain.  

I do agree though that a part solution is to choose passwords that are long, and secure,  but easy to read and type in correct.  I like making up sed words that sound a bit like they miht mean something and stringing a few together. 

I wonder if there could be some way to send passwords to Linux that did not require the full facility and was better than copy paste into an email which I do resort to sometimes.

Hi David,

I'm not sure why making a browser plugin that does not solve a problem that we are not wanting to solve is amazing. I personally love Linux and use Ubuntu/Mint for personal use. However, as a company, we have never been Linux oriented developers. Our browser plugin will require the computer software so that our browser plugin does not have to communicate directly with our servers this will ensure a much more secure extension/plugin and also ensure that all sync methods (mSecure Cloud, Dropbox, iCloud, WiFi, or disabled) can use the feature. 


That is a great shame as when I abandon windows altogether I may have to migrate to a different password progrm.

And another comment,  you said " we have never been Linux oriented developers" , is it really so hard, after all Android is based on Linux and you do Android Apps - although I admit that is not the same thing since Android provides facilities not present under Linux.

I can appreciate it may not be a priority but I feel its still worth having on the list .... please.

nothing new here? it has been promised for sooooooo long. really like msecure, but due to lack of updates i am considering switching to lastpass.

mSecure Team -  I've been an enthusiastic user of mSecure and pixel-for-pixel, it provides the best functionality of any of the other password apps I've tried (and I've tried MANY). Your standard response of "Unfortunately, for your request here, we do not give out release targets or dates. We learned our lesson with the release of mSecure 5 :-)" is getting a little long in the tooth. You were in "alpha" 2 years ago. Last year in Feb, your CEO Ray Marshall mentioned in the press that you were actively working on "desktop browser extensions" (see here). You've shared snapshots of your work-in-progress, which tells me that you are indeed working on it. However, without committing to a date, you're essentially telegraphing a date of "never". Look, I'm in the software business, and I get that doing things right takes time. However, when startups far younger than your company can support every browser extension under the sun, it's baffling why this is taking you so long. I mean, you're not exactly engaging in rocket science by building a market-leading capability; you're simply playing catch-up. I'm not going to tell you what to do/say - you should consult your marketing/PR team for this, but I will say that your current response is inadequate. At worst, it signals a lack of talent to even bring your product to market standards, and that isn't comforting. I know 2 of my friends (one of whom talked me into buying your product) have long moved on to other password managers. I'm not too far behind as I need to consolidate on ONE password manager for all my 5 family members. While I can't expect you to release a product when I need it, I am expecting you to post a more honest, thoughtful and insightful response other than the one you've been posting. Thanks

I have just flirted with migrating to Dashlane, Keeper, and NordPass. NordPass has the nicest UI, but still doesn't match mSecure's UI. The killer feature of the others is the browser extension - love that! Particularly when it's bi-directional i.e. includes auto-save. But for the basic necessities, mSecure thoroughly beats them, IMHO.

I am as impatient as everyone else here to get the browser extension feature - and I would happily pay for the upgrade - mSecure 6? - and/or take part in a beta test for Edge, Firefox and Safari (I'm a mac user). However, I would say the workaround of fingerprint ID to open and then copy and paste, is eminently... workable.

On the other hand, some of the competition don't handle non-website, app login records very well and in some cases, don't handle website security Q&A at all - for which there is no convenient workaround. And, you pay a subscription for the privilege!

So yes, to the mSecure team - please hurry up and release browser extensions. To the mSecure faithful, don't fret too much - from what I can see, the grass isn't really greener on the other side, but you will pay more for it!

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