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I can't find any of the old forum discussions.

 Do the old forum discussions still exist?  If yes, how do I find them?  If no, does that mean that they were deleted when you switched to this new support system?


I'm not sure what you mean when you ask if they still exist. Yes, technically they still exists locally on our servers, but they've been retired. The only public forum is this new forum that we've moved to. This new forum lets me see if a customer asked that question as a support email or ticket as well, and allows customers the ability to search for our knowledge base articles and forum posts all in one place. 

If you have an issue that was not previously resolved, please post a new discussion/topic here and I'd be happy to help you with your issue.

Hi Eden, thanks for the quick reply.  I apologize if my question was unclear.  I would like to know if I am able to search through the old forum posts?  For example, if I want to find a forum question/discussion on a certain topic that was posted six months ago, am I still able to do that?


No, as I mentioned, the old forum has been retired, and unfortunately, we're not able to import old forum into our new system. 

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