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Dropbox Not Syncing

I am logged onto Dropbox syncing on all my devices and they will not sync between one another. One device has no passwords on it because it will never sync. 

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Hi Larry,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not sure I understand what you mean when you say you are logged into Dropbox syncing on all of your devices. In order to sync via Dropbox syncing in mSecure 5, you must download mSecure 5 on all devices, sign in to the same account on all devices, and link Dropbox to our app in the mSecure 5 Sync settings on each device. Here is a guide that might help:

Yes that is what I meant. I am logged in to Msecure on all my devices. I have linked them all to the same Dropbox account to sync, and they are not syncing.

Hi Larry, 

Is there information in mSecure 5 on any device?

Yes. I have a lot of passwords on one of the devices and one password in the other. I want to have all the same ones on both devices. 

If you have information in mSecure 5 on one device, are using the same mSecure account, the same Dropbox account, and have linked Dropbox in our settings, I'm honestly not sure what the issue could be here. My recommendation would be to unlink Dropbox in the mSecure Sync settings, wait a few seconds, and relink Dropbox on all devices. If that does not fix the issue, try creating a test record on each device afterwards. 

I am having a similar problem and have had msecure 4 for several years.  I am trying to migrate my data.  I have been able to successfully get the imports done, but when I create a test record and make changes on my various devices it doesn't carry through.  ex. I make a change on my mac.. it will get to my iPad.  However, if I then change the record on my iPad, it will not migrate back to my mac even after syncing both.

I am using dropbox as my sync location

Hi Rob, 

It doesn't sound like you have Larry's issue at all. Dropbox syncing does a sync or checks for a sync every 60 seconds. If you'd like the changes to appear more quickly on your devices, please do a manual sync.

Manual sync on Mac: Click File -> Click Sync or command+shift+s

Manual sync on iOS: tap and hold a record -> drag the record down -> release

I am having the problem of syncing Dropbox to my newly bought mSecure 5 app on my iPhone. I am using mSecure 4 and have hundreds of passwords saved. I can’t get them into mSecure 5. I’ve always synced with Dropbox successfully using mSecure 4.

Hi James, 

mSecure 5 will not sync with the previous versions. However, mSecure 5 can restore from a .msim backup file created in the previous versions. Please use this guide to learn how to transfer your information from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5:

I'm a longtime user of mSecure on iOS, Mac and Windows. I've recently been trying to use v5.6.0 on iOS (having quickly abandoned it on Mac for the usual reasons including low info display density and dropping Dropbox sync) and although after having initially got it to sync with Dropbox it now refuses to do so. The first sign of this was failing to find a record in v5 that I then found successfully in v4.5.4. The record was created on another iOS device using v4.5.4 and has evidently synced into Dropbox OK as it's present on all other instances apart from v5.6.0 on my phone. Turning off automatic sync and attempting to sync manually via the pull-down method is ineffective. Unlinking and re-linking to Dropbox has not worked (i.e. it hasn't re-enabled syncing).

'Losing' a record has never happened to me before when using previous versions and has shaken my faith in a previously totally reliable product. The responses from EM above are not inspiring and if, as he suggests, v5 cannot be used in conjunction with previous versions then that's the final nail in the coffin for me and v5. The desktop versions are functionally and visually inferior to what came before and it now looks as if the same is true of the iOS versions. Ignoring the sync issue I can't see the point of adding steps to the process of copying information and again the UI design changes just reduce information density.

What on earth were/are the developers thinking?

Hi Nik,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 on all platforms (Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows) includes Dropbox syncing support. I do not know what you mean about low info display density though. mSecure 5 does not and will not sync with the previous versions of mSecure. mSecure 5 will only sync with mSecure 5 so it makes sense that something you've done in mSecure 4.5.4 isn't syncing over to the latest version. You can however create a backup of mSecure 4 and restore from that backup in mSecure 5 to have your mSecure 5 information be up to date. However, you'd want use mSecure 5 afterwards if you want to keep things up to date in mSecure 5 or have to regularly create and restore from backups if you are going to continue using mSecure 4:

I do not know what you mean about losing a record since there's no way for mSecure 5 to sync with the previous Dropbox information. There is no sync issue though. mSecure 5 syncs perfectly with mSecure 5 on all devices. Note that mSecure 5 uses a completely different encryption algorithm, different data structure, and even different Dropbox data location. Those are the main reasons why mSecure 5 does not sync with the previous versions of mSecure.

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