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Support for Windows 7

I'm still happily using Windows 7 on my work laptop and would very much like to access my passwords. Now I am forced to use version 3 and sync the passwords manually. Is there a way to install the Windows client for version 5 on Windows 7?

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I complained about it because after I paid new version of mSecure,I just knew it doesn’t work on WIN 7.and got a refund. And still I’m getting ad mail for mSecure 5.5.I’m happy with former version.
Thanks Tony, fully agree with about Win 7 Pro support and also appreciate the small development staff at mSeven. As long as they continue to update and provide aupport for the Veraion 3 product line, i am good with V 3 on all my platforms, that is my only concern at the moment. I do know that when I replace any of my Windows 7 computers, I will make the leap to Windows 10 and learn to appreciate it more, I just don’t see that happening in the near future. Maurice

I'm not sure how exactly it cuts our trustworthiness but I'm sorry you feel this way. We're a small company so we had to decide on a single platform that would use are resources best on Windows. With Windows 7 support already done and end-of-life support ending in 2020, we thought it would be best to go with Windows 10 here. It was not our intention to cut support, but there's only so much we can do as company. Creating a UWP (Universal Windows Platform) app allowed us to be able to provide mSecure 5 for Windows to computers, tablets, and other mobile devices all through a single app. 

I am in the same boat and run many, many applications on my Windows 7 PC and do not have a single other one that is not supporting Windows 7 Prof 64 Bit.  Will just have to stay on Version 3 of mSecure as long as I can.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, mSecure 5.5 is not compatible with Windows 7. Currently, we don't have any specific plans for adding support for Windows 7, as Microsoft has officially ended mainstream support of that version of the OS, and the extended support will end in January of 2020 (for more information:

We are in ongoing talks about what can be done to give at least limited support for Windows 7, but at this time, there are no concrete plans for a .exe version of mSecure 5. I'm sorry I don't have better news here.

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