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Support for Windows 7

I'm still happily using Windows 7 on my work laptop and would very much like to access my passwords. Now I am forced to use version 3 and sync the passwords manually. Is there a way to install the Windows client for version 5 on Windows 7?

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Hi Steve,

We have removed no features from the previous versions. However, Dropbox dropped support for Dropbox API 1.0 that was being used in the older apps after September of last year. We updated the main versions of our old app before to use Dropbox API 2.0. However, the Android 3.5.6 Kindle version is an extremely old version and not popular version and did not receive this update. To date, this versions of our old app have been updated to keep up with Dropbox changes:

1. mSecure 3.5.7 for Mac and Windows

2. mSecure 4.5.4 for iOS

3. mSecure 4.0.6 for Android from the Google Play Store

I personally love Windows 10. Can you let me know what your issues are with it? The only real issue I can think of is the marketing settings that can be turned off, but will be reset to ON (with other settings being reset as well) after major updates. Beyond that, the OS runs great, looks great, and is highly customizable which are all things I like. That said, I love macOS and I feel Windows 10 feels just as modern and smooth as macOS can feel and that's my favorite thing about it.

@Maurice: I'll look into that... mSecure removed support for DropBox from the 3.5.6 Kindle version, so it not only became useless, it hung up the Kindle.

All right, I apologize for going off on you here.  I do think the Windows 10 requirement being buried in the fine, gray print makes it difficult to notice. 

That said,  it is clear that you do offer free download and trial, and I'm an idiot for not doing that first.

I will go ahead and keep the license.  As much as I hate Windows 10, I don't know how long I'll be able to avoid it anyway.



Hi Steve,

I'm sorry you are so upset here. If you can provide me your Order Number, I'd be happy to provide you with a refund immediately. That said, we do provide the system requirements throughout our website and they are also provided directly above the Purchase button in the purchase page:

We've stated our system requirements for mSecure 5 since after our first mSecure 5 pre-order email. We are not trying to hide the system requirements and want customers to notice them before making a purchase. We also have never stated that creating a .exe version of mSecure 5 would not have been possible. The reason mSecure 5 is not available for Windows 7 is because we decided to go with a UWP app with mSecure 5 to ensure that the app is available on a great variety of Windows 10 devices. We are a small app developer so we had to concentrate on as few platforms as possible. That is why our system requirements are relatively high on all platforms (excluding Android) and why mSecure 5 is only available on the App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play Store, and Microsoft Store.  

Again, I'm sorry that you feel tricked into purchasing mSecure 5 during our Labor Day sale. I'm happy to provide you a refund here, and please leave any feedback you'd like about us on any platform you would like. 

Steve, don't know if this will help you, but I have been a long-time user and supporter of mSecure and currently use version 3.5.7 (rev 717) on my Windows 7 platform as well as version 3 on my iPhone, iPad and Mac, which all sync and work great together.  I see a link in this tread on how do download and install previous versions and just wanted to say they have been putting out updates to the version 3 product line which we are all very pleased to see so I would suggest installing and using it.  Hope that helps!

NOW, I find out Windows 7 isn't supported after jumping on the Labor Day sale.  You people are either incompetent, or liars.  An app as simple as mSecure could easily be coded for Win7, so I can only assume that you've decided to become another Microsoft lap dog.  I hope they at least pay you for being one.

I should have known you were incompetent when you screwed up Dropbox support on 3.5.6 on Kindle.   And then took a year to get the old features into the new version.

I'll be eternally ashamed of letting you fool me again, and I guarantee you will be able to find plenty of negative reviews going forward.

For the record, Windows 7 still has 2/3 of the market.  Because 99% of Windows users know Win10 sucks hard.


Working for a global we are slow to upgrade our OS. As a daily user of mSecure for password management I was also disappointed that support for Win7 was scrapped. Interesting move given many companies I have worked for are similar and we IT pros are probably your heaviest users. Begrudgingly looking for another product now..

 I don't believe that dropping support for Windows 7 was necessary other than someone in dev forced thingsin that direction.  I'll decide when i need to upgrade to Windows 10.  Perhaps you could have upgraded the compromise that is v3.5 on Windows first?

Looking into how to export/import into something less constantly disappointing

Hi Todd,

Thank you for contacting us. Yes, you can always download the previous versions. Here's a guide that shows you how:

is there a way for me to get the previous version that i can use on windows 7?

Please feel free to unsubscribe from the email listing. Each marketing email has an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email. We will not send you any additional marketing emails once unsubscribed. 

I complained about it because after I paid new version of mSecure,I just knew it doesn’t work on WIN 7.and got a refund. And still I’m getting ad mail for mSecure 5.5.I’m happy with former version.
Thanks Tony, fully agree with about Win 7 Pro support and also appreciate the small development staff at mSeven. As long as they continue to update and provide aupport for the Veraion 3 product line, i am good with V 3 on all my platforms, that is my only concern at the moment. I do know that when I replace any of my Windows 7 computers, I will make the leap to Windows 10 and learn to appreciate it more, I just don’t see that happening in the near future. Maurice

Hi mSecure

I thought i was alone in my disgruntled state!

I actually enjoy using msecure for win 7 and also on my devices, so much so that when i heard of the new 5 version i wanted to be an early adopter and signed up. It's arrival appeared to be late and then i found there was no backward compatibility for Win7. I work in IT and appreciate win 7 OS soon unsupported, but believe it premature not to include campatibility in you new offerings at least untill the EOL for win7 has passed.

Ive paid for a newer better product in msecure 5 which i currently cant use and not completely transitioned to win10 and i rely on this product at times.

Can anyone tell me if this is going to be addressed? 

If not then i feel the product is not mature enough and may have to reluctantly look at other offerings.



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