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Support for Windows 7

I'm still happily using Windows 7 on my work laptop and would very much like to access my passwords. Now I am forced to use version 3 and sync the passwords manually. Is there a way to install the Windows client for version 5 on Windows 7?

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Hi mSecure

I thought i was alone in my disgruntled state!

I actually enjoy using msecure for win 7 and also on my devices, so much so that when i heard of the new 5 version i wanted to be an early adopter and signed up. It's arrival appeared to be late and then i found there was no backward compatibility for Win7. I work in IT and appreciate win 7 OS soon unsupported, but believe it premature not to include campatibility in you new offerings at least untill the EOL for win7 has passed.

Ive paid for a newer better product in msecure 5 which i currently cant use and not completely transitioned to win10 and i rely on this product at times.

Can anyone tell me if this is going to be addressed? 

If not then i feel the product is not mature enough and may have to reluctantly look at other offerings.



Same topic with me ! I will continue useing  win 7 prof x64 still for next years and feel it is unjustifieable from a company like yours ,to cut your support in this way! I think many customers of the former version, will think like I do! It cuts your trustwothiness in such a sensitive product and leads to change the product soon! 

Seriuosly, mSeven - are you not convinced of how badly you're shafting tour loyal users with this Windows 10 or die stance? Was this a conscious decision which you chose hide in the fine print or was it a result of of inadvertently forcing Windows 10 by upgrading yourbdevevlopment machines? Juat so you're aware, you're not the guardians of MS's OS cycle. If Win7 is supported by MS to 2020, ao should you. You have a good produxt that you've willingly broken for a notable subset of your clients. And please don't resend the link for the 3.5 download - that's borderline insulting

Hi Steve,

We have removed no features from the previous versions. However, Dropbox dropped support for Dropbox API 1.0 that was being used in the older apps after September of last year. We updated the main versions of our old app before to use Dropbox API 2.0. However, the Android 3.5.6 Kindle version is an extremely old version and not popular version and did not receive this update. To date, this versions of our old app have been updated to keep up with Dropbox changes:

1. mSecure 3.5.7 for Mac and Windows

2. mSecure 4.5.4 for iOS

3. mSecure 4.0.6 for Android from the Google Play Store

I personally love Windows 10. Can you let me know what your issues are with it? The only real issue I can think of is the marketing settings that can be turned off, but will be reset to ON (with other settings being reset as well) after major updates. Beyond that, the OS runs great, looks great, and is highly customizable which are all things I like. That said, I love macOS and I feel Windows 10 feels just as modern and smooth as macOS can feel and that's my favorite thing about it.

I also use Windows 7 & I have both versions of mSecure on my iPhone. I sync via Wi-Fi with the old version & my computer. Is there a way to then sync between the 2 versions on my iPhone?

@Eden Melgar: There are many reasons to hate Win10.  #1 for me is Microsoft takes full control of your computer with Win10.  #2 is the stupid redesign that makes a PC look and act like a tablet (or phone).  I doubt Microsoft has generated an original idea since FAT, and they seem to be in a tizzy trying to mimic Android and iPhone.  I don't know how many 10,000s of employees Microsoft has, but for years they have demonstrated their complete incompetence at designing Windows "upgrades", and had to go back and redo every other release.  Win10 should have been the fix for the hideous Win8, but I guess since they cursed it with an even number, it still sucks.

Once Windows 7 becomes untenable, I'm off Microsoft forever.

Hi Ronald,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  mSecure 5 is not backwards compatible with the older versions. If you are using mSecure 5 on any device, you'll need to use mSecure 5 on all devices. mSecure 5's minimum system requirements are iOS 9.3+; Watch OS 2.2+; Android 4.3+; Mac 10.10+; Windows 10 (UWP).

We have not current plans to release a Windows 7/8 version of mSecure 5. However, you can download the previous versions of mSecure if you have already previously purchased them and continue using mSecure 3 and(or) 4 to sync your information:

If it’s not backwards compatible how am I able to email a backup of version 4 & then use that backup to update version 5

Hi Ronald,

mSecure 5 can restore from .msim backup files created in the previous versions. However, mSecure 5 cannot and will not sync with the previous versions. Additionally, backups created in mSecure 5 cannot be restored in the previous versions.

@Steve Smith,

I'm sorry to hear your dislike of Windows 10. I personally love it. I think it combines the best things of Windows 7 and 8. I loved 7 and disliked most of 8 and to me Windows 10 simply feels like the proper upgrade to 7. To each their own, I guess. Windows 7 will end is end of life support in 2020. I guess it's Linux for you afterwards? It would seem that your dislike of Windows 10 would mean that something like macOS 10.14(Mojave) with it's modern tablet/phone styling and Apple's full control would be out of the question for you. I really like Mojave though...

If you're going to go with Linux, I recommend going with Debian or Mint. They mostly have a more plain Windows 7 aesthetic by default that you might like. You are also, of course, more in control of everything with Linux.

So actually this is a workaround for those of us with Windows 7. Use the previous version with Windows 7, sync to the previous version on your iPhone, email yourself a backup then restore on mSecure 5.

Another Win7 user here, not planning on switching main workstation to Win10 any time real soon (if it ain't broke...). So far mSecure is first program I use which is now incompatible in a new version.  M$ can say all they want about ending support, but Win7 still accounts for 20-35% of the installed base (depending on who you ask, and that's not counting all the Win Server versions based on Win7).  They've extended support in the past, so who knows what will really happen in a year (enterprises are always slow to adopt).  Ultimately it's up to developers to decide which OSs to support. Dropping Win7+8 is a bit ironic IMHO because out of all the major OSs, Win has always been the easiest to keep backwards-compatible (yes, I'm a software developer also).  Guess it's mSecure v3.5/4 only for us dinosaurs.

I am also an msecure 5.5 user looking for an alternative to Windows 10 (for me, Win10 is too network-invasive of my PC to feel secure,  and of course Windows is the obvious hacking target for all the crooks out there). So I am now migrating to Linux (Mint, i.e. basically Ubuntu). A shame that the msecure folks did/do not provide an .exe version of msecure 5.5,  as that would presumably be (more or less) accessible to Linux users via Wine.

But I understand msecure's commercial philosophy, most of the market is with Windows 10, so they need focus on that to survive. Those of you out there making irate comments should cut them some slack...

Yes, but it’s one year stil until 2020. MSexure has many fields that can’t be migrated to another password manager, so we’re trapped in 3.5
As it's very frustrating not to baaa able to use latest msecure on win 7, I found a trick :I've installed an android emulator as droid4x and mSecure5 in it. It works perfectly and I'm still using my lovely win7. Have a try!

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