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Reveal of secure field in addition to copy

On mSecure 5 (Mac), secure fields can only be copied. To reveal contents it is necessary to open the item and edit it.

Some use cases require you to type the information and copy / paste is not possible. Eg some Credit Card fields (CCV etc).

On the iPhone version it is possible to reveal or copy the field when the field has focus / highlighted.



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Hi Damien,

Thank you for contacting us. To reveal sensitive information, you can click on the reveal eye icon in the top middle column.


I can see a tooltip in this Mac screenshot.

I can't see any tooltips for any UI gadgets in on Win 10 Pro 1709.

Hi Sean,

There is no tooltip at this moment for some of the options in mSecure 5 on Windows. However, the icon is the same on Windows:

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