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Unknown Sync Error (9)

This error is generally caused when the saved connection (computer information) you have in mSecure 4 for iOS is no longer available or mSecure 4 is unable to reach mSecure 3 on your computer. Let's start by resetting the sync connections and see if that resolves the issue. Please use these steps:

1. Please make sure mSecure on your computer is +*closed*+
2. Open mSecure on your iOS device
3. Tap on the gear icon or the "i" in the bottom right of the app
4. Tap on "Sync Setup" in the Preferences menu
5. Tap on "Wi-Fi" from the list of sync options
6. Now we are going to remove all of the entries from this list.  To remove an entry you can tap on the blue "i" in the circle or the blue > icon to the right of the       connection name and pick "Remove From Sync Menu" or "Delete Address"
** If there are no items in the list, that is ok, and you can proceed to the next step
7. Once the list is empty all that should be on the screen is the spinner at the bottom looking for computers to sync with
8. Open mSecure on your computer and enter your password
9. After a few seconds a new entry for your computer should show up in the list
10. If a new entry does +*not*+ show up, please stop here and let me know
11. If the new entry does show up, please look below the computer name and the text will either be red or green.  Please make note of this
12. Tap on the new entry and see if you can sync with this new entry
If you can't sync, please let me know the error message as well as what color the text was from step 11

If this does not fix the error, can you let me know what type of computer you are using?

1 person has this problem

Windows 10 Pro

Windows mSecure 3.5.6

iOS 9.2

iOS mSecure 4.5.1

I have used this sync feature MANY times previously. Suddenly it no longer works. I've paid for mSecure 5 but cannot upgrade until I can get my iOS updated (long story) but that will hopefully be done in a month or so. But I cannot do without syncing passwords for that long!

None of my saved connections were working. The WiFi is working on all devices. I followed the steps given above and deleted all my saved connections. Closed all of the apps and relaunched in the order prescribed.

I'm really pissed off with mSeven for dropping mSecure 4 into the abyss and not updating it to work with the new dropbox API. Frankly, I've watched other companies try to pull the stunt you are with the new app version die. I'm already searching for possible alternatives to mSecure despite having purchased mSecure 5. I think you've committed app suicide.

But regardless. I've paid my money to you. I've even brought other people on board the mSecure bandwagon. So forgive me for being harsh, but I expect a satisfactory resolution!

HI Barret,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. We did release an update for the Dropbox changes with mSecure 4.5.4. We've actually had 3 additional updates from the version you are running. Unfortunately, you are running an older version of iOS. My recommendation would be to update your iOS version to 9.3.5 which is a version your device can run and would allow you to use Dropbox syncing in mSecure 4 again.

That being said, we can work on your local networking issues to try to get WiFi syncing to work in mSecure 4 and 3 instead. My first recommendation with any networking issues would be to restart your router and your computer and mobile devices. Afterwards, try doing a Wi-Fi sync again. If that doesn't work, we can run a ping test to check if your devices can communicate properly on your local network. Please keep in mind that your devices being able to all use the internet does not mean that the local connection or communication is good.

thanks this sorted my problem

thank you! I could synchronise following your instructions

Starting with your item 5 I have "Choose Sync Settings" At this point the phone (iphone X) shows sync status. I am only able to disable wifi sync from this screen.  I am not able to remove any entries at this point. The phone is showing the correct computer and IP address under Sync Status

@Jerome I'm not sure what's happening here, but you should have no problems syncing. Before we go any further here, have you downloaded the mSecure 6 update on your devices yet?

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