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Family Sharing with MSecure 6

I've got a very light use case for the kids, they keep bugging me for their game passwords which I have stored in mSecure 6 (premium tier).

I created a vault to share with them, then realised that each of the kids will need a premium account too.  I could use the native Apple Keychain for this, but it would be nice to have an option in mSecure for family members (that have a limited number of passwords to manage) without needing a full premium license (should be a tier that exists between free and premium for very light usage scenarios).

@Barry and @Forrest We're now back to our normal development cycle after the v6 release, so things are moving forward nicely for the 6.1 release. We only have one more feature to implement, which is a password recovery feature uses will be able to opt-in to, then it's just testing and website work for the new subscription plans. I don't have a date for the release, but we're doing everything we can to have it ready before the end of November. Also, just to be clear, Family subscriptions are the main focus of this release. That feature, as well as a Team subscription that allows for a varying number of licenses, are already in the newest builds. So in 6.1, you will for sure be able to sign up for a Family subscription.

Thanks for the information Mike. Hope to see 6.1 by the end of November. Rather have a little delay on a release with no problems than an early release with problems. Cheers!

Thank you very much for your feedback and patience @Barry!

Mike, any word on 6.1?

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