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Family Sharing with MSecure 6

I've got a very light use case for the kids, they keep bugging me for their game passwords which I have stored in mSecure 6 (premium tier).

I created a vault to share with them, then realised that each of the kids will need a premium account too.  I could use the native Apple Keychain for this, but it would be nice to have an option in mSecure for family members (that have a limited number of passwords to manage) without needing a full premium license (should be a tier that exists between free and premium for very light usage scenarios).

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Hi Mike When I said the Apple Store I believe I meant in the IOS settings under subscriptions. I have attached a pic of the options available in Australia, and there is definitely no Family option. Thanks for your prompt assistance Mike.

@Barry No problem at all! And thank you for deleting the post, though that probably wasn't necessary. I hope it didn't sound like I was being harsh or anything. It was actually concerning to me that you may have experienced something in the app related to this post somehow that made you think you needed to make a backup, and that was most important to me. I probably should have said like that instead of the way I did =)

At any rate, thank you for your feedback, and please do let me know if you have any questions about the new release!

@Mike I sent an email as well but I have a Premium Annual Upgrade Subscription.

@Everyone We've run into an issue with the Family Subscriptions in the Apple App Stores, so it may be a couple of days before they become available for purchase. Our developer is working on the problem now, so we're hopeful it will be solved by the end of today. If you are trying to upgrade to a different plan, which would need to be done in the Subscription section of the Settings app, or if you are trying to simply purchase a Family subscription, please check the app tomorrow and Sunday to see if the Family plans show up and make it possible to acquire them. If for some reason they are still not available by Sunday and you don't see a response from me in this thread, go ahead and post a quick message telling me you weren't able to upgrade or purchase the Family plan.

@Everyone The Family Plans are now available in the Apple App Stores! I'm sorry for the confusion this caused for the two days after the 6.1 release, but everything should be good now moving forward. Please do let me know if you have any questions about the new app.

Mike, I think you were trying to say “are now available”

@Glen Oh man...that was not a helpful typo, was it! Thank you for pointing that out, because it should have said "are now available" the whole time.

I still am unable to change my mSecure subscription to a Family Plan. Looking under both subscriptions in settings or the App Store app as mentioned above and seeing nothing about mSecure. I do have a Premium subscription which my account says will renew 26 May. I’ve posted a support ticket as well but have not received a response in four days. I’ve searched the site for some sort of instruction and come up short. Been waiting on this for quite some time, getting frustrated. Where am I going wrong?

@Bryon The reason you don't see the subscription in your iOS Settings is because you purchased your subscription from our website. In that case, I can upgrade it for you. If I do upgrade your subscription you will be billed US$3.78 on Apr 11, 2023, since your Premium subscription is pretty close to renewal, and then US$59.99 every 1 year after. Would you like me to upgrade the subscription for you?

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