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I have downloaded the new app because I can no longer get into my old one. I am signed in on my computer but when I try to sign in on my phone it says username/password is incorrect. 

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing after the recent iOS update. When you say you are signed in on your computer, are you talking about mSecure 5? If you are, we have at least a couple of things to go over before I'll be able to send instructions. Let me know if you're using mSecure 5 on your computer, and also let me know if you have data stored in that app. If you do have data store, is it going to be a problem to have the data stored in the old mSecure app on your iPhone overwrite it?

I’m all set up but unsure how to get the information transferred from mSecure to mSecure 5. I am unable to open the old account
Is there a number I can call instead of the emailing

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer phone support right now, so I'll have to help here in the forum. What you will need to do is reset your mSecure 5 account, download mSecure 5 onto your iPhone, and then sign in to the account using the new password. This puts your mSecure 5 account into a fresh state so the migration code will be triggered during the sign in process.

To reset your account, follow the steps in this support article:

At this point, don't worry at all about mSecure on your computer. Close the app and don't open it again until we're able to get it reset entirely. Right now we're most concerned with getting your data migrated over to mSecure 5 on your iOS devices.

After you have reset your account, uninstall mSecure 5 on your iPhone if you have already downloaded it, then install it again from the App Store app. Open it, then sign in with your email address and new password. You should be asked if you would like to import your mSecure 4 data after you choose a sync feature.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the old mSecure 4 app from your device. If that is done, the data stored in the app will be lost. Also, your mSecure 4 data is not connected to your mSecure 5 account in any way, so performing the account reset will have no effect on the data stored in the old app.

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