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Bring Back ability to specify mSecure Fonts!!!

This is a request to restore a feature you took away in 5.x

I was forced to upgrade  to mSecure 5.x because of an iOS update.  I discovered that it is no longer possible to change the display font (as it was in 4.x).  The default font is *terrible* because it is impossible to distinguish certain characters, e.g. want to guess what how many L's & I's are in the string "lIlIllI"?  I frequently have to copy passwords to foreign devices and this makes it impossible to do without painful workaround (copy, paste into another app).  At the least, you need to change the default to something like Courier New where characters (but especially I's, L's, 0's, and 1's) can be distinguished visually.

This is a showstopper for me, meaning I will be actively looking for an alternative to mSecure if not addressed.

Thank you for your feedback Paul! It's written up as feature request for future development.

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