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iOS 14.5/14.6 Issues and Discount Offer

Hi Everyone,

As some of your have already discovered, iOS 14.5 and 14.6 can cause a problem with the older mSecure 4 app. For some, after attempting to open the app, they are notified mSecure has to be updated in order to run on their iOS devices. Unfortunately, mSecure 4 is no longer supported, so there won't be any updates to that version of the app. While that version of mSecure is not supported, we still test it to make sure it's running as it should, and as new iOS versions have been released, we have not run into any of the problems some of our users are facing.

The problem is, at some point in time, older, unsupported apps always run into issues like this, which is why developers have to provide an option so that it doesn't happen. mSecure 5 is that option. It is the fully supported update to mSecure 4, which keeps these types of issues from taking place.

In the older version of the app, we implemented an advertisement for mSecure 5, which was to make our users aware a new app was available, letting them know they could upgrade at any time. At the bottom of the advertisement screen, we provided an option the user could check so that it would not be displayed again in the future. We are finding a lot of customers have used that option, so they aren't seeing the ad any longer. Other than this in-app advertisement, we have no way of contacting our older customers, because mSecure 4 doesn't have an account system. Without an account system, we don't have their email addresses. If we did have their emails, we would be communicating with them to provide some explanation as to what is currently happening after the recent updates to iOS, to tell them what we're doing to help, and to let them know about the backup in support which is leading to significantly longer response times from our support team.

On top of all of this, the issue brought about by recent iOS updates are a different story altogether. As mentioned above, on all our company and personal devices, we have still not encountered the issue some of our customers are experiencing, which, though there are a lot of people who have experienced the problem, is actually a very small percentage of our overall customer base. Even had we been able to contact our users via email, we wouldn't have done so before the iOS 14.5 update, because we never knew it would cause this problem. Apple doesn't send developers notifications that this type of behavior will occur, so there was no way for us to know ahead of time. As far as we knew, mSecure 4 was working as it should, and none of our customers needed to be notified of any potential problems.

Moving forward, we still aren't able to tell for sure if the next iOS update will cause the upgrade message to appear for any less or more of our mSecure 4 users. Our developer has even tested on the first beta release of iOS 15, and the old mSecure app runs without any problems. In short, at this time, we do not know what is causing the issue for the old, unsupported mSecure app. For some, they see a message telling them mSecure needs to be updated, and for others, the app continues to work without any problems. 

Since we now know certain users can run into problems after an iOS update, we have updated the in-app advertisement screen to warn them of what could happen if they don't upgrade to mSecure 5. We hope this will save people from the stress some of our customers have recently experienced. 

While mSecure 4.5.4 is no longer supported and will not be updated, you can get access to your information by upgrading to mSecure 5 at no cost. When you upgrade, you'll get a 30 day trial where all features are free until the trial period ends. This is a simple process, where all you need to do is download the app from the App Store, then sign up for a new account or reset your existing mSecure 5 account to get it into a fresh state. As you go through the account setup process, you will be asked which sync feature you would like to use, and after that's chosen, you will be asked if you would like to migrate your information from the older mSecure 4 app. Simply enter the password you used to unlock the old app, and after the migration is complete, everything will be back to normal. 

Below are two different tracks you can take depending on your context with step by step instructions on how to upgrade and migrate your information into mSecure 5.

1) If you have never used mSecure 5 in the past. In this case, you don't have an mSecure account yet. The old mSecure 4 app is not connected to mSecure 5 in any way. The old app doesn't tie into an account system, because mSecure accounts were introduced in mSecure 5.

  1. Download mSecure 5 from the App Store app
  2. Open mSecure 5, and proceed through the welcome screens until you get to the screen asking if you would like to Sign Up or Sign In. Choose "Sign Up" to create a new account.
  3. Choose a sync feature you would like to use
  4. After the sync feature is chosen, you should see a screen asking you if you would like to transfer your information from mSecure 4. Affirm that you want to transfer your data, then enter your password that you used to unlock mSecure 4.

2) If you have used mSecure 5 in the past and know you have an account. For this case, in order to migrate your information into mSecure 5, your account has to be in a fresh state. This means you will need to reset your account before you try to sign in to mSecure 5 on the same device mSecure 4 is installed. As mentioned above, mSecure 4 does not have an account system, and it is not tied to mSecure 5 in any way. mSecure accounts were introduced in mSecure 5, so resetting your mSecure account will have no effect on the data stored in the old version of mSecure.

  1. If mSecure 5 is already installed, delete the app. IMPORTANT: Be absolutely certain you are NOT deleting the older mSecure 4 app, which has a lighter blue app icon. If mSecure 4 is deleted, the data stored in the database will also be deleted from your device, which almost certainly will lead to the loss of your information.
  2. Reset your mSecure 5 account using the steps near the bottom of this support article:
  3. Install mSecure from the App Store app on the same device mSecure 4 is installed, the old app in which you are sure all your data is stored
  4. Open the app and move through the screens until you are asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account
  5. Tap the option to Sign In using your account's email and new password you just set
  6. Choose which sync feature you would like to use
  7. After the sync feature is chosen, you should see a screen asking you if you would like to transfer your information from mSecure 4. Affirm that you want to transfer your data, then enter your password that you used to unlock mSecure 4.

One last thing to mention, mSecure 5 is a paid upgrade to previous versions of the app. This is one of the main reasons we created a new app for v5, as we did not want to force our users into an upgrade that was not free. For all of our existing customers who haven't yet upgraded, we want to provide you with a discount to show you our appreciation of your ongoing support. Click here to purchase an mSecure Pro license at 50% off the normal price. After the page loads, you will notice the cost says $19.99 in a couple of different places. However, when you click/tap either of the "On Sale For $19.99" or "BUY NOW" buttons, you will see the correct price of $14.99 is the total cost of the purchase. Be sure to enter the email address you use for your mSecure account as that determines which account the license is applied to.

If you need any help with this process, please don't hesitate to create a new post on our support forum, submit a new ticket, or email our support team at We're always here to help!

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