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How to Delete mSecure, and start over from scratch

Firstly, I wish I had first learned how to remove a password manager--any password manager--before installing it in the first place..  Things are not going well so far and I want to extract the entire application, and start over again. Come to find out that simply dragging the mSecure app from the Applications folder has not done this.

I have not found this topic in a search, which is why I have started this new topic.  Please help, I had the free version, and just paid for it on the App Store.  I'd like to get it working, but first, I want to know if I can get out of it, before jumping in.

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the problems you are facing here. For all the iOS, Android and Windows versions of mSecure, you can reset the app entirely by simply deleting the app and then reinstalling it from the App Store apps on each device. For Mac, however, things work a bit differently due to installation conventions on the Mac OS. Before I send you the instructions for doing this, I need a bit more information.

Are you wanting to start over completely fresh with mSecure? What I mean here is are you trying to delete all of the data you have already input into the app, and then start over with no data? If so, you will also need to reset your account. This is no problem at all to do, but I want to know first before I send you those instructions.

Hi Mike, thanks for replying.

Since I had not entered more than a handful of sites with passwords, whatever is simplest will be best for me--and I read some instructions on another site about removing the app from a Mac and decided that was probably more than I want to figure out.  Plus that site offers an app to uninstall, which I would never consider doing (of course).

But if there is a way to fix the problem without complications, that would be for me.  I need to find some time to get it done.

Of course, the cause of the problem was making a list of possible candidates for my password, and forgetting which one I used.  I won't make that mistake again.

I'd rather not have to dig through files and folders on a Mac to solve the problem, but resetting the account didn't seem like a simple procedure, or maybe I was looking at the wrong instructions.

Hi Brian,

Ok, I think I understand what's going on now. Since you have forgotten your password, you will need to reset your account, which isn't a difficult process. You do this by following instructions on our website. From a high level, the process is: Go to our website and reset your account and then delete mSecure's database file. After doing that, you can sign back in to your account and start fresh.

Here is an article to help you through the account reset process. Also, after your account is successfully reset, the last page on the site will take you through the steps for deleting the database file for mSecure on your Mac. Here's the link to the article: Account Reset

Near the bottom of the page, you'll see the title, "How to reset your mSecure account." Follow all of the instructions there, and you should be good to go.

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