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mSecure 6

In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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No problem at all @Georgios! Thank you for your interest in the new version of mSecure, and let me know if you have other questions in the future.

Hi Mike,

You added me to the list of beta testers over a year ago before there was even a whiff of a beta for v6. I was hoping to have been notified of a beta. Just logged on to the forums and I see that several folks have access to a beta. Can you please put me on the beta bandwagon? Thanks

Hi Vishal,

I don't think I had you send an email to our support system, so that is my fault for not getting you a notification. I'm sorry for that, and I'll get you added now.

Here is the link to the email we sent beta testers to get some information required for gaining access to the app: mSecure 6 Beta Pre-Release

And here is a link to the beta 1 release email we sent out to the testers. It outlines the process for getting access to the beta on all platforms, and also introduces the new version of mSecure: mSecure 6 Beta Release

One thing to mention, don't try to download the Mac version from information in the link above. It's no longer available, so the link is just a dead link. I will be sending you out the last beta notification we sent a couple of weeks ago after I get the information 

After I get your information, I'll add you to the beta testing list!

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