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mSecure 6

In a recent reply on the Feature Requests section of the Forum it was announced that mSecure 6 would be available soon and that major enhancements we have been waiting for would not be implemented in mSecure 5.

Will mSecure 6 be considered a completely new product? Will existing customers be expected to pay for this new product in order to get any enhancements?

Will mSecure 5 remain available? Will it still be maintained with bug fixes and security issues?

Will the databases be compatible between these products?

Are there any other implications for existing loyal customers?

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 About my comment upthread:

1. My passwords aren't loading right. All Items is at 0, but the Security Center is showing passwords, which I can access This resolved itself. I guess the db needed time to update

2. Where is search?  Search appeared in the usual place once the records appeared

3. As you can see from the attachment, I'm on a 30 day premium trial. Will that automatically revert to Essentials at the end of 30 days? <Still curious about this

I agree with Puneet. I saw same screenshot in ios mSecure v6 app and am confused what I will lose at the end of my premium trial. Besides that the app is working great on ios, android, and windows syncing via Dropbox.

@David As you probably know, the updates to apps are decided upon by the app stores themselves. The give the users the ability to set up the type of updates they want have, and if automatic updates are turned on, there's no way for 3rd party developers to stop that from happening.

The good news is, mSecure 6 was designed to make it so it's not a problem if every device hasn't been updated yet. mSecure 5 will continue function, as long as you don't uninstall it, and only syncing will be turned off. When you get a chance to update to v6 on other devices, any changes made in mSecure 5 will be synced over to the other apps.

Also, since mSecure 6 is a natural upgrade to mSecure 5, mSecure 5 is no more. The good news is, there's no reason to stay in the old app, because all of the features in v5 are included in the v6 Essentials account which you get at no cost if you have an mSecure 5 license.

@David Joyce I'm not sure what you mean here. We chose to do a gradual rollout of mSecure 6 for various reasons, but we didn't not wait until it was ready. The new app was released at the same time for all platforms. Are you saying you just wanted it to be available for Android right from the start?

@Erdem Currently it's not possible to get data from the OTP field into the web browser directly from the Browser Extensions, but that ability is on our radar. I'm hoping to build it so that in most cases the data will be injected into the OTP field automatically, but I still have to get into the implementation before I can know for sure =)

@David I'm not sure if you saw our explanation of how the new business model will work at the bottom of the pre-ship email you should have received, of if you have had a chance to read the various posts throughout the forum and on our site, but if you have purchased an mSecure 5 license, you don't have to sign up for a subscription unless you need one or more of the features offered in the Premium subscription tier. This means you won't lose any functionality now that mSecure 6 is released, as you will get access to the Essentials subscription at no cost. This includes your family members that have an mSecure 5 license as well.

Please help me understand what I'm missing when you say you don't want to pay for a subscription and that you'll lose long-term customers? You don't have to pay for a subscription if you don't want to.

@Clive You are a breath of fresh air! In the midst of all that is happening right now, an encouraging post like yours is more needed than you may know =)

We do have plans for a corporate style license, and the only thing I can think of needing to clarify with you is if the permissions implementation we currently have for shared information would be sufficient for your company. While it's not terribly basic, it was definitely developed with the family to smaller team to small business in focus. We offer the ability to create vaults with Read, Read/Write and Admin permissions on them, so I would want to go over that with you to see if you think that would work for your context. And it's possible that with the size of business you have, we might be able to add more to the system if needed.

Do you want me to contact you via email? If for some reason I miss a response to this thread in all that I'm having to answer after the v6 release, please email us at I am monitoring that channel for these types of emails, and I'd love to get in contact with you.

Thank you again for your post Clive!

@deetee It's good to hear the first two issues resolved themselves. After the Premium trial expires, if you have a V5 License on your account, you will have access to all the Essentials features. In other words, your account should already be an Essentials account, it's just that right now you have access to all of the Premium features for a limited time.

@Steve As mentioned above in my response to @deetee, after the Premium trial expires, if you have a V5 License on your account, you will have access to all the Essentials features. In other words, your account should already be an Essentials account, it's just that right now you have access to all of the Premium features for a limited time.

@Mike, I posted this a few days ago, but maybe lost in the avalanche of posts on may find this useful. I think I found the reason for the discrepancy for the weak passwords in Security Center. The difference of the 5 was due to the records where I added an extra 'password' field into them (it was for an additional admin password). It seems like the Windows version validates the second password field as well which saw it as weak. The iOS version seems to ignore the second password field (I'm not sure if it will ignore any additional password fields). That explains the discrepancy.

As for the old, I couldn't see a pattern, and the discrepancy is too big to see a pattern.

These are not issues for me, as long as I know why it is there then I'm happy. I didn't realise that the passwords are validated via the platform OS, rather than something common in the mSecure app.

Paid for a premium account for the 12 months but my Msecure windows app is still showing Essentials account and a countdown box with the number of days I have left as a premium account as shown in the screenshot here......


Also PLEASE get the Chrome extension running its the reason I committed to you guys for 12 months and didn't expect this feature to only be working for MAC users, please get this working for the majority of us Windows users.

I think if you go into your settings for mSecure and check "account" - it will show you there under account type that it is premium ... at least it does for me, so I'm not really concerned that the Image countdown still displays.  It actually goes away once you go into the settings and then back to the display of records....or so it does when I test it.


I’ve used your app for years both on macos and ios. Version 6 looks great and many thanks to you and your teams hard work!

I’ve upgraded to an annual subscription in appreciation and look forward to using mSecure for many more years. All the best for the future!

Quick 3 questions… Q1: If a mSecure v5 pro user like myself chooses to go with the subscription today but ina few years wants to downgrade to the essentials tier, will I get the complementary essentials tier at that point as if I had never subscribed OR will it reset my customer status to a normal customer and I’d be paying for the essentials as well after the downgrade. Q2: Is the 50% subscription discount for life? Q3: Can I pay for lifetime subscription for v6 and future versions? Thanks so much.

Now have a problem after having to reinstall windows I have downloaded from the app store in windows the Msecure app and now after putting in my login details it just hangs and after 5 mins of hanging Msecure just crashes!!!!!!

Any ideas

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