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Restore not working

I'm terribly sorry, but I've spent far too much time trying to restore a backup -- not due to my sloppiness or mismanagement but because my phone completely reset.  It lost everything.  Including my Msecure information.  

I'm thrilled my data is secure but not so much that I, myself, cannot retrieve it without hours of effort and no one to call -- that I can see to help me.  In fact, your ReadMe Content in MBackup states the following:  "

If you run into a problem using mBackup, please contact us at We are always glad to help and will respond as quickly as possible."   

That link took me to a web search.  RIDICULOUS for me, a paying customer. 

So, I've installed your mbackup on my computer.  Downloaded a copy of a prior mescure backup msim file (which I'd kept for exactly this reason but is doing me no good) -- to my desktop.   

From my phone it says "mBackup on Cindy's computer: Found on network.  At the bottom, it continues to circle and say "searching for MBackup servers...

If I click on the "MBackup on Cindy's...line, it says "retrieving backup list".  Nothing every shows up and there are backups in my e-mail as well as the one I downloaded to ensure it was on my desktop and -- hopefully -- easily found. 

Could someone please provide me with the restore for the protection for which I've paid.  

Thank you.  Sorry to be so frustrated but I've taken valuable time to do all you asked and I'm without access to my important data.  

BTW, I have an iphone 6S and am using Windows 10.  

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Hi Cindy,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not sure I understand the issue with the email address. Simply type that in the TO address in an email you create to send our support an email. You can also always use this website to create a support ticket or use our forums. I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to do. Do you have mSecure on your computer (not mBackup)? If so, what version of mSecure are you using? 

You can use this guide to learn how to restore from an email backup in mSecure 4 on iOS:

You can use this guide to learn how to restore from an email backup in mSecure 5 on iOS:

Please note that you need mSecure on a device in order to restore or view your information. mBackup is a really old backup utility that allowed customers to create .mscx backup files directly from mSecure 4 on their mobile device to their computers.  

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