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I forgot my password because I have been using

I forgot my password because I have been using Touch sign on. I have my old phone with the older mSecure on it, but the newer mSecure has more updated saved passwords. Help!!! I don’t want to lose all my passwords.

Hi Diana,

Thank you for contacting us. Do you still have access to the newer mSecure app? Even if you forgot your password, you should still be able to open the app using Face ID. Are you saying that you're locked out of the newer app now?

I have put in the new password, but when logged in all my saved passwords are gone

@Stephen I'm not sure what you mean here when you say you put in the new password. I'm seeing that you reset your mSecure account yesterday, which means the data stored in mSecure was also destroyed. Since the data stored in the app is secured with your account password, if it's forgotten, there is no way to decrypt that data.

Are you saying you reset your account in order to set a new password?

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