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I have been using msecure for years and appreciate the support and app a great deal. I know you have migrated to a subscription based model, but I prefer a pay once model even if it requires periodic “upgrades” I was pleased with msecure 5, but understand the need to migrate everyone to 6 to have one platform. I am still on the essentials plan which was promised not to lose any features and actually add a few that were not in 5. In 5, I was able to modify and create templates. That ability had been taken away in 6 essentials and I’d like to know why the decision was reversed to remove features for those that upgraded. Thank you

Hi Michael,

The ability to edit templates is mSecure 6 as long as you have an Essentials account. No features have been removed from mSecure 6 if you have an Essentials account, which is what you have as V5 Pro license holder.

First, how are you trying to modify or create new Templates? On an iOS device, simply go to the Settings, then tap "Edit Templates." There, you will be able to either edit any of your existing templates or create new templates, the same way you created new or edited existing "Types" in mSecure 5.

The one thing you can't do in v6 with an Essentials account is use the advanced field settings at the record level, but those field settings didn't exist in mSecure 5, so you aren't losing any functionality in V6. You can still add fields to a record, change the name of the fields, and, if you remove the data from the field label and the field itself, that field will be deleted from the record when you save the changes. Again, you have lost no functionality in V6 Essentials that you had in V5 Pro.

Mike, thank you! You are 100% correct with your assumption and statement. I WAS trying to modify at the item level rather than through settings assuming it was the same thing. Essentially not understanding the purpose and benefit of the next tier plan. I should have RTFM rather than assumed functionality was removed. Thanks for your detailed explanation. I do truly appreciate the app and your continued support.

No problem at all Michael! There are some pretty big changes in V6, so some of the features that were in V5 are not handled in the exact same manner. It's hard to bring all those changes to light, so it's not uncommon that we get questions about this type of thing =)  Also, thank you for the RTFM acronym! I can't believe I had never seen that one before. I had to look it up and then had a good laugh!

Take care, and please let me know if you need further assistance.  

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