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- Use Camera for QR Code not working

Just found a bug, upon sign-in to an account for the first time on a new device - using the Camera option on PC to authenticate.

This does not work on my PC.  The camera control does open and I can see myself/my QR code from another device, however, it fails to identify and scan the QR code.

Specs are :
Windows 11 Pro pc.

Webcam : Logitech C925e webcam

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Hi Howie,

Thank you for contacting us. The issue you are experiencing is a common one, but it's not something we are able to fix. The problem is that the cameras are very, very picky in how still the device is held and how far away the device is from the camera. It's like this for me as well on my PC, and sometimes I almost give up before the QR code is finally accepted.

If you don't want to use the camera option, however, you can simply copy the Encrypted Account Key from your Authentication Email and import it from the clipboard. You can find out how to do that here: Set up and authenticate your mSecure account

The Windows version in the screen recording is mSecure 5, but the options are the same (though they are in a different order). After you have the Encrypted Account Key copied to your clipboard, click the first option to import the key from your clipboard in mSecure when you are asked to authenticate.

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