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Version 6 broke Dropbox sync


I made the upgrade from version 5 to Version 6 and now the sync doesnt work anymore. It tool a while for me to realize that I was updating passwords and records and the updates were lost. 

Now I realized that the android app and the windows app have different items too. I created a test item in my database in windows, synced it and then synced android app and it doesnt show up there. 

I never had this problem with V5 before. 

I need a fix and a way to check every register in the database. There are keys fo locked drives for example that can't be recovered. 

Im using android 11 and Msecure V6 for android.

Windows 10 and Msecure 6 for windows. 


Hi Giulio,

Thank you for contacting us. We ran into problems early on after the v6 release because Dropbox made changes that we had to account for. However, those have been fixed for a long time now. Can you go into the Settings of each app and tell me what version of mSecure both Android and Windows mSecure say you're running? For Android, it should and for Windows it should If they are less than those version numbers, please look for updates in the Google Play and Microsoft Store apps, and try to set up Dropbox syncing again.

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