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syncing between devices

I have to strip to factory settings on my phone but that's the only device that has my passwords and I don't think they're in the cloud!

Hi Giulia,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked your account, and it looks like you are using mSecure Cloud syncing, which means any data you have stored in mSecure should be synced up to your mSecure Cloud account. However, if you are doing a factory reset, I would highly recommend creating a backup that you can get off the device before performing the reset. If you are using an iPhone, you can follow the instructions in this article to create an email backup just in case it's needed after you perform the reset: Backup and Restore - iOS

One thing to note, since you're using mSecure Cloud syncing, you should not have to make use of the backup you create. After the factory reset, you should be able to simply download mSecure and sign in to your account to sync in the data. However, you should always create a backup before doing a factory reset, because it makes it nearly impossible for something to go wrong that would cause you to lose your information.

Hey, Riley where are you? This is a confusing place to land for an email reply!!!! Your reply to my inquiry isn’t making sense as I understand y situation so!!!! Where are you when you’re not in the reply lane of my email?
I just paid to upgrade to cloud yesterday or the day before. I have been using for years. The second email to cover to cloud never came. Was I hoaxed?
The advice you have seems odd because I wasn’t able to open my mailed backups that the app prompted anyway. When I tried to open them weird blocks happened I can’t even explain technically. I am unfortunately an amateur and it doesn’t come naturally to me
Bottom lines: Who got the money I just paid yesterday? Did I already have a pro account? Why wasn’t my password working on the app on my iPad? Even when I deleted it and then brought a new one down from the App Store? When I replied to the receipt email the person wrote back and said “We’re just the vendor” and has no answers. Thus, voila, I am here typing to you! Aloha

Hi Giulia,

Unfortunately, my response times right now are not quite as quick as they are at other times, since we're in the process of getting mSecure 6 ready for release this week. I'll respond as soon as I'm able, but it will probably be at least a couple hours in between my responses.

It sounds like you are needing to upgrade to mSecure 5, but I'm not exactly sure. What do you mean when you say the second email to cover to cloud never came? Also, if you were able to sign in to mSecure 5, and you can open the app now, you should have no problem restoring from a backup you have.

Can you tell me more about your situation? Were you using mSecure 4 previously, and are you now trying to upgrade to mSecure 5? If so, are you able to open any version of mSecure on any device and see your information?

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