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Dropbox not syncing

I have a new phone and I'm having trouble syncing with Dropbox. Says Msecure is not configured properly

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Hi Brad,

Thank you for contacting us. This issue started happening just after the Android 12 release, and we're not sure yet what's causing it. A different user has figured out that deleting the Dropbox app fix the problem with the error message. The problem with this work-around is that if you do it, all files and folder that are favorited and stored locally on your device will be removed. When you reinstall the Dropbox app, you can then favorite the files again, but do be aware they'll be removed in the process. The alternative to deleting the Dropbox app would be to use mSecure Cloud syncing instead at least until mSecure 6 is released.

I get the same error message. I'm using mSecure5 on one phone with Android 12 and now I want to install mSecure5 on a different phone that's still on Android 11. I tried uninstalling Dropbox and mSecure5 and reinstalling but the problem persists

@Olaf From our understanding after helping customers with through this error message, if you uninstall the Dropbox app, then go through the linking process in Dropbox again, mSecure will have no problems linking to your account. It's the only thing that has fixed the problem with all of the customers that have encountered the issue. Did you delete the Dropbox app and then try to set up the Dropbox sync feature in mSecure while the Dropbox app was no longer installed?


Please tell me from the process from the beggining 


@Jorge I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you trying to sync via Dropbox? If you are, you just need to choose Dropbox for syncing in mSecure's Sync Settings.

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