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Make group filter sticky in iOS/iPhone app

I like  using the group filter option. I usually always want to filter   the same group. However, the option is not sticky. So, once I open the app I have to remember to set the filter.

Can you make this sticky?

Hi Dan,

Thank you for contacting us. We're currently very close to releasing mSecure 6, so all development for v5 has been stopped, so this isn't a change that will be added mSecure 5. However, I just tested this in v6, and already, the filters you have active persist through closing and re-opening the app. So when v6 is released, you'll have what you need with the filters. Do be aware that in v6, groups have been changed to tags, but it's still the same concept. In v6, however, instead of just being able to add a record to one group, you can now add multiple tags to each record. After you activate different tag filters, they will persist after closing and re-opening the app.

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