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Where is my stuff

I got a new phone. I used the authentication code and restored my data everything worked great and I breathed again. I went to use msecure today and there is nothing there. Has anyone had this happen? What do I do now...I need simple instructions please

Hi Terri,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what could have caused this to happen, as it's not a known issue we have dealt with in the past. After the data is transferred, everything works as it should in mSecure 5.

Real quick, I'm going to have you check for some backups in the Settings of your mSecure app. Backups are made automatically as you use the app, so it's possible you will have one to restore from. Before I can do that, can you let me know on what type of device(s) you are running mSecure?

In answer to your question, I am using Samsung galaxy s215g

When you open mSecure on your new device, tap the menu icon in the top left. In the menu, does it show any numbers to the right of the different options you can tap on? Also, I checked your mSecure account, the one with the email you are using for your support account, and I'm seeing that only an iOS device has signed in to that account. No Android device has signed in to it, so I believe you are signed in to a different account than you were on your old device. Do you mind typing out the email addresses you might see for your account here in the forum, or would you like to switch over to email support instead?

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