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Can't add new entry Mac desktop app

I want to create a new entry using the Mac desktop app, but clicking on the + in the password list is not doing anything.  Any other clicks seem ok.

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Adding Info to last reply: I went ahead and turned on Syncing again - once my the desktop app populated with my data, I tried to add a new record but once again, cannot. Same as original report.

Hi Bill,

This is a very strange issue, as I would expect whatever is causing the problem on your Mac to also cause issues on your other devices. There are a couple of things to do to try to fix the problem.

The first thing I'm going to have you do is create a new backup in mSecure on your phone. I'm not sure what type of phone it is, but if it's an iPhone, you'll be able to do this all via email. If it's an Android device, we'll have to go about it another way.

If you have an iPhone:

  1. Open mSecure then tap the menu button in the top left corner
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom of the menu
  3. Tap "Email Backup" in Settings
  4. Enter an email address you have access to on your Mac
  5. Send the backup
  6. On your Mac, download the backup to your desktop

Next, I'm going to have you turn off syncing again, and then reset the database file I hope just one last time:

  1. Turn off syncing in mSecure's Sync Settings on any device
  2. Delete the database file for mSecure on your Mac
  3. Close and reopen mSecure on your Mac and then sign back in to your account
  4. Double-check to make sure you're able to add a new record with the app in a fresh state, making sure no data has synced in
  5. Now click "File > Restore" in the menu bat at the top left of your Mac's screen
  6. Locate the backup file you downloaded to your desktop and open it
  7. Enter your password to restore the data
  8. Do not turn on syncing yet

After restoring from the backup, are you able to add a new record to mSecure on your Mac?

I have an iPhone. 

From above instructions:

Step 1: OK

Step 2: OK

Step 3: OK. When done, The pop-up message appears indicsating that the mail app will be launched . . . After tapping CONTINUE, mSecure crashes.

Well, that's not what I expected would happen. I'm going to need to get your email address for your mSecure account, because I need to check to see if there's something obvious going wrong here. There's nothing insecure about writing out the email address for the account here in the forum, but if you would rather move over to email support I understand.

If you want to provide your account email here, go ahead and do that. If you would rather move over to email support, please send an email that includes your mSecure account username/email in it, and send it to "" After you send it, come back here and post that you sent the email. I'll find it in our system and respond as soon as I see it.

Sent email to

Sent the email.

Thank you Bill. I just responded to your email, so we'll keep our correspondence in that email thread from here on out.

Hi Mike,

I receive a QR code (and text) to authorize access to the mSecure database.   This should allow me to access the settings, make a backup and retrieve the information.

Must be  run under Mac (MacOS).  It is possible to have the settings to panel including Backup & Restore.

Have a great day!

@Alain I'm not sure what you need here. Are you having problems getting access to mSecure on your Mac?

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