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downloading passwords

is it possible to print the login and password info ?

Hi Stav,

You can print your information, but you have to do it from the desktop version of mSecure. Do you have mSecure installed on a Mac or PC? If so, you can use this article to find out how to print your information: Print information

printing out my information from M secure 

I have M secure on my phone , do I need to down load the app on my computer to print out information .  Does the app on my lap top sync with my phone ? 

Thank you 

@Nancy Printing is only available in the Mac and Windows versions of mSecure. You can download mSecure onto your computer using either of these links:

• Mac:
• Windows 10:

After you download the app, simply sign in to your account. You can use any of mSecure's sync features to sync your information between all your devices. I would use mSecure Cloud syncing, as it is the most simply and straightforward syncing available.

You can use this help article to find out how to print your information: Print information

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