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Authentication QR code

Can you send me the above QR code?

user id /email :

Hi Al,

Thank you for contacting us. The QR code is only sent out once when your account is first set up. After that, the only way it can be re-sent is if you choose to re-send it from the Account settings of the app. However, I don't believe you are going to need to do that in this case, because there is most likely a specific reason you are needing that code. Are you running the old version of mSecure, and are you now trying to upgrade and migrate your data into mSecure 5?

What do I do with the QR code  when I am transferring data from my old mSecure to my upgraded mSecure

@Linda The QR code is needed to authenticate you as the owner of your mSecure account, which means you would be signing in to the account in mSecure 5 on a new device or if you had to reinstall the app for some reason. In these cases where you signed up at one time, and then continued to use mSecure 4, the account needs to be reset entirely in order to make it possible to migrate your data from the mSecure 4 app. After reseting the account, a new QR code will be sent out that will need to be saved for future use, and the older QR code can then be deleted.

In order to migrate your data, you will first need to delete mSecure from all your devices. Next, follow the account reset instructions near the bottom of this support article: Account Reset

After your account is reset, install mSecure 5 from the App Store app onto your main iOS device. If you aren't using an iOS device, simply reinstall mSecure 5 from any of the App Store apps. If you only have a Mac computer, stop here and let me know, because the app reset process is different. After the app is reinstalled, simply sign back in to the account with the new password you just set, choose a sync feature, then you should be asked if you would like to transfer your data in from the old mSecure app.

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