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Upgrading from 4.0.6

Is it possible to upgrade to the latest version from 4.0.6 and migrate the data?. How much does it cost. Same as full price?

Thank you for contacting us! This should be no problem at all. I believe you are running mSecure on your Android, but if that's not the case, please let me know.

In order to upgrade, all you would need to do is download mSecure 5 from the Play Store, create an mSecure account, which is new in mSecure 5, then when the account is being created, you would be able to choose an option to migrate your information from the old app. After the migration, then it would just be a matter of purchasing a license, which we have on sale for 33% off now on our website.

You can use this link to download mSecure from the Play Store:

Were you able to download mSecure, sign up for an account and migrate your data from the old app?

Yes all done. I don't like the look of it much though. I prefer the expanded look of the old version showing all the fields.

It's good to hear you were able to get the new app downloaded. I'm not sure what you mean by preferring the expanded look of the older version. Are you meaning that there isn't as many of your fields showing in the main view for each of your records? If that's the case, that is a change we made in mSecure 5 where only the first field in the Type's template will be displayed on the main record view. You can change which field is displayed in the main view, but you can't add more than one. That is something that may be changed in mSecure 6, but I'm not sure at this point.

Real quick, can you give me an example of where having the multiple fields showing on the record is helpful? We typically try to get a better understanding of why a feature is helpful before implementing any changes, so having your feedback on this could turn out to be really helpful.

It's just easier to see all the fields open without having to click it first. Also on the old version the info takes up the whole screen. On the new version the writing is tiny. Takes up a quarter of the screen. Why? Most of the screen space is wasted. And red txt in black. Really.

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