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Forgotten Password

I have used mSecure since 2 years ago. It has worked perfectly, but I relied on the iPhone facial recognition for the purpose of access. I upgraded to iOS 14.4, it was required, and now I cannot access mSecure. I am trying to find my password, but I don’t think I can find it. Is there any other way to access my passwords.

Hi Ferdinand,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm really sorry for the problem you are experiencing here. Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do in these situations. The authentication information for mSecure is only stored in the device's secure memory location and in your memory in the form of your master password used for unlocking the app. I'm not sure what happened when you upgraded iOS, but if the Face ID information was altered in some way, the authentication data in the device's secure storage is completely wiped out which causes Face/Touch ID to be disabled for mSecure.

Also, in order for the information stored in mSecure to be as secure as possible, mSeven Software doesn't acquire our customer's password or the information stored in their mSecure account, so there is no way for us to retrieve either of those items. In order to keep your information from being accessed without your permission, it is not possible to bypass or change an account's password when mSecure is not accepting the password the user is entering.

Do you happen to have access to mSecure on any device, or were you only using it on your iPhone?

I found the password, I really did like the facial recognition but the way to keep this type of data is probably on hard copy. I like the app, but this episode has made me believe that nothing replaces paper. I would recommend that you add a requirement that every three days the user has to use the password to access mSecure. I don’t know how to sync my current iOS 14.4 Face ID for mSecure.

It's great to hear you were able to figure out your password Ferdinand! We are planning on adding a password reminder feature to mSecure in the future. It's already planned for a 6.x release. It will work by asking you for your password, but if you are not able to remember it, it will allow you to unlock the app using your Face/Fingerprint. After it's unlocked, if you weren't able to unlock using your password, you will then be able to change your password right away. So far as I'm aware, it will still be up to the user to make sure the password is changed, but something will happen to bring the issue to the forefront hopefully before it's a huge problem.

When you mention not knowing how to sync your current iOS 14.4 Face ID for mSecure, can you explain that in more detail? Are you trying to set up Face ID unlock in mSecure again not that you're back into the app?

I am suddenly unable to get into msecure on my iphone without upgrading msevure to version 5

I have done this but cannot sign in because i have forgotten my password

I followed the 'forgot you password' link and went round and round in circles without any clear instruction on how to retrieve or change my password

I desperately need to access my data but cannot

Please help


@Ian I think I know what's happening here, but I need to be sure. Are you saying that you know your password to mSecure 4, the old app, but you are not able to sign in to your mSecure 5 account? For clarification, the mSecure account system was first introduced in mSecure 5, so it's possible you don't have an mSecure account yet. What happens if you try to sign up for a new account instead of trying to sign in to an existing account?

When i start-up Msecure 5 and try to sign-up for a new account, it rejects by saying 'a user with that account already exists' 

@Ian Thank you for the extra information, and this should be no problem to fix. In order to upgrade and migrate your information into mSecure 5, your account has to be in a fresh state. This means you will need to reset your account before you try to sign in to mSecure 5 on the same device mSecure 4 is installed. After the account is reset, the migration will be triggered as you go through the sign in process in mSecure 5.

For clarification, mSecure 4 is not connected to mSecure 5 in any way. It doesn't have an account system, which was introduced with mSecure 5. If you reset your mSecure 5 account, it will have no effect on the data stored in mSecure 4.

The first step is to simply delete mSecure 5 from all your devices. If you have a Mac computer running mSecure 5, stop here and let me know before proceeding, because it doesn't help to simply delete the app from your Mac when it comes to resetting the app. IMPORTANT: mSecure 5 has to be completely deleted/reset on ALL your devices. If this is not done, it can lead to very bad consequences

After you have deleted the app from all your devices, follow the steps in this support article to reset your account:

Next, reinstall mSecure 5 from the App Store app on the iOS device you are seeing the message that mSecure 4 needs to be updated, then sign in to your account using your account's Username (email address) and the new password you just set. After you choose which sync feature you would like to use, you should see the screen asking if you would like to import your data in from mSecure 4.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the old mSecure 4 app from your device if the data is not migrated after following the steps above. If that is done, the data stored in the app will be lost. Also, your mSecure 4 data is not connected to your mSecure 5 account in any way, so performing the account reset will have no effect on the data stored in the old app.

This failed at the last step … I cannot remember my old mSecure4 password … i need to change or recover it How do I recover or change my old mSecure4 password ?

I just downloaded mSecure 5 to my Mac and created an account , but am unable to migrate the date from the old version/mBackup to the new one. When I get to the  "enter password" page to migrate the data, and enter my old password, I get a "that is not the correct password message." I know that it is the correct password! I am unable to do anything on my iPhone---I just get the message that "mSecure needs to be updated" by the developer. 

Please HELP!


@Ian Please sent an email to, and add "Attention Mike: Forgot v4 Password" to the subject line. After you do that, let me know in this thread, and I'll respond to the email as soon as I see it. I'll have to get personal information from you to help fix this, so it's best to move it to email support instead.

@Vrenae If mSecure 5 is not accepting the password you enter, then it's not able to decrypt the data stored in mSecure 4 using the characters you entered. There aren't any know bugs in this part of the app, so I'm quite sure the password isn't correct. However, that doesn't mean we are without hope. Before you ran into any issues, were you able to unlock mSecure 4 using Touch or Face ID?

okay Mike ... email sent as per your instruction .... regs ... Ian

@Ian I just responded to your email. We'll keep the correspondence there from here on out.

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