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Regain access using QR code or encrypted authentication key

Is is possible to regain access to my mSecure account using either the QR code or the encrypted authentication key?

I have been using mSecure for years.  Recently upgraded to mSecure 5.  After changing the security settings on my iPhone (adding a new fingerprint), I have lost access to mSecure.


Hi Tim,

Thank you for contacting us, and sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. For the sake of security, it's only possible to regain access to your account by fully resetting it. When an account is reset, of course, all of the data currently stored in mSecure 5 will be lost.

Are you trying to make the move to mSecure 5 and just need to start fresh to transfer your information over from the old app? If so, that will be no problem at all. You can follow the instructions in this article on our support site to reset your account: Account Reset

After you reset your account, you'll have a new password, and you should have no problems signing in to your account.

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