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how do i move my data to a new phone?

I purchased a new phone android phone. I do I move my data to my new phone?

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Hi Nayan,

Thank you for contacting us. You should just be able to download mSecure and sign in to your account. After signing in, your information should sync in to mSecure on the new device. Were you able to do that already, or do you still need help with this?

I have been using mSecure for years on my iphone. 

Over the years I have had a couple iphones, and my son or somebody some how got mSecure and all my data moved from phone to phone.  

I recently changed to a Pixel 3.  

I downloaded mSecure, but it treats me like a new user and has me on a 30 day trial.  

None of my data is there. 

Please help!  

thanks, David Beuschlein

Hi David,

I suspect the reason for what you are experiencing is that you were using the older version of mSecure prior to upgrading to your new Pixel device, but I'm not sure. Do you happen to still have access to one of the older iPhones, and if so, are you still able to access your information in mSecure on that device? If not, do you have access to your information in any version of mSecure running on any of your devices?

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