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Touch ID suddenly not working

Hi! My touch ID suddenly isn’t working. When I opened msecure on my iphone, i got a message saying touch ID not working. It surprised me coz I didn’t do anything. Problem is it seems I’ve forgotten my password coz it isn’t working. I closed the app and tried re-logging in again but this time touch ID was not given as a choice and no message appeared. How did this happen and how can I now open my account? How can touch ID get disabled suddenly?

Hi Candice,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. If you have forgotten your account's password, you can learn how to reset your account and create a new account password here:

My Touch ID does not work. I can use my password to get to my account, but I really want my Touch ID because of the convenience.

Hi Larstern,

What happens when you try to enable Touch ID in mSecure's Settings? As long as your device supports Touch ID, you should see a toggle in the Settings to enabled the feature.

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